Braun Strowman has found himself in hot water lately because he doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. Amid his social media fiasco, he claimed he is the ‘greatest big man there ever will be.’ Strowman is still going and getting clout off being a heat magnet.

Strowman again took to Twitter to unleash his childish side. The Monster Among Men made headlines after he took a shot at Dave Meltzer’s rating system. It looks like he isn’t quite done ruffling feathers yet.

Braun Strowman shared video of himself on Twitter doing a back-flip. He then asked how many stars would he get for the back-flip. He used hashtags like “HeatMagnet”, “TrollKilla” and “FlippyFloppy” for the clout. A user wrote, “@WRESTLECringe and @Adamscherr99 This is very, sad and pathetic. He’s really slipped into high school bully mode.”

How many stars????? #AmIDoingThisRight #HeatMagnet #TrollKilla #FlippyFloppy #DoYallLikeMeNow


It should be noted that Strowman dropped this tweet about an hour after Ringside News released our exclusive report about how bad his heat is in WWE right now. Some internally are questioning is motives at this point in his career.

Strowman bashed ‘flippy floppy’ wrestlers, and this led to a lot of backlash. Chris Jericho also trolled Braun Strowman for the same as he chimed in along with others. He couldn’t care less about anything at the moment because WWE has great plans for him. Obviously, he’s still loving the heat. You can check out his tweet below.

What’s your take on Braun Strowman’s childish posts? Sound off in the comments!

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