Britt Baker represents the face of AEW’s women’s division, and there’s no doubt about it. Baker’s stellar in-ring performance, vocal prowess, and memorable matches against Hikaru Shida and Thunder Rosa all contributed to her rise to the top of the company. Baker has even drawn comparisons to WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair during her time in AEW.

Ever since AEW launched in 2019, Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. has been featured prominently on television whether she’s doing a promo or having a match. At AEW Double or Nothing 2021, Baker officially became the top woman in the company when she won the AEW Women’s World Title. 

Baker got a fantastic push and seemed unbeatable during the pandemic era. Naturally, fans drew comparisons to Charlotte Flair. Recently, Baker opened up about how she feels about comparisons to Charlotte Flair on the Swerve City Podcast.  

“I do get compared to Charlotte all the time on Twitter, which to me I’m like, ‘Cool, one of the best wrestlers of all time,'”


Baker also stated that she is aware of the duties that come with being the public face of the business, such as promoting AEW at conventions like Comic-Con and appearing on television every week. She is conscious of the scrutiny she constantly faces and the fact that others are always looking for excuses to criticize and dehumanize her.

The two stars have had comparable experiences. Since Flair frequently appeared in the main event and world title picture, she has received even more than her fair share of criticism over the years. On the podcast, Baker acknowledged that they had previously spoken and shared the advice Flair gave her in response to the criticism.

“[Charlotte] and I have chatted. She has given me so much advice in ways just to like get through this. She really has given me some solid advice to stay true to what you know is true and don’t worry about the narrative that fans are creating or what they think they want to be true, because you know what’s going on, you know how hard you’re working, and she’s been fantastic to me. I would love to wrestle her.”

It should be noted, the reason Baker gets so much screen time is she’s not afraid to say anything on the microphone to get some heat and she’s also had a lot of success in the ring as well. It will be intriguing to see what she faces in the future. Meanwhile, Baker started a feud with AEW newcomer Saraya, which will lead to match at some point down the road. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more.

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