Ric Flair moved from WWE to WCW in 1993 when he heard Bill Watts, who was the Vice President of Wrestling Operations, wanted to hire him. However, shortly before his arrival, Bill Watts left the promotion. Following that, Ric Flair had a run-in with Ole Anderson regarding his decision to lose to Mr. Perfect in his WWE farewell match.

This caused tension between the two men. Speaking on his To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair recalled how he told former WCW Executive Vice President Bob Dhue that he wanted Ole Anderson. He also claimed that he recommended Eric Bischoff take his place,

“I walked next door to Bob Dhue’s office and I said, ‘Bob, it’s me or him right now,’ and he said, ‘We could replace him.’ I said, ‘There’s a guy downstairs.’ That’s how Eric got in there. Eric can tell you any fabricated story he wants. He got the job because I recommended him.”

Eric Bischoff was promoted to WCW Executive producer before becoming the Senior Vice President of the company. He was in charge of Monday Nitro and also led WCW to win the rating war against WWE for 83 consecutive weeks between 1996 and 1998.


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