Triple H is credited with providing an alternative to Raw and SmackDown in the form of NXT. Now, The Game is using all the experience he gained during his time as the head booker of NXT to run Raw and SmackDown.

Triple H is known for being much more lenient than Vince McMahon when it comes to fostering partnerships with other wrestling promotions, and Billy Corgan strongly believes WWE under Triple H will be open to business with the NWA.

Billy Corgan recently spoke to Metro UK for a new interview. The NWA promoter believes there’s a possibility the two wrestling promotions will work somewhere down the line now that Triple H is in-charge of WWE.

“You might see a different flexibility with WWE as far as other companies go, moving into the future. Certainly, my conversations in the past with Triple H would indicate there’s a different degree of openness than maybe there would have been in the regime that was running things before.”


Corgan brought up his past conversations with Triple H about putting NWA content on the WWE Network. He went on to say that the talks didn’t yield a collaboration but praised Triple H for being open to new projects.

“It didn’t go anywhere and that was fine – very, very good discussions, very open and cool. They certainly liked what I was trying to do, and they’ve always been cool about what I was doing in the NWA, so I remain optimistic going into the future that there might be some business there to do.”

Moreover, Corgan told the publication he’s open to the idea of NWA being used as a developmental brand for WWE or AEW, and wouldn’t mind if their ideas don’t align with his as long as it’s good business.

“There might be economic models where they say, ‘Take these 10 talent, let us have an oversight position, you help develop these talents.’ It’d be good for the NWA, it’d be good for the WWE.

“There are lots of opportunities there! I would say the same thing even as it pertains to AEW – AEW has a tremendous amount of talent under contract, not everybody is able to be on their main shows, there might be opportunities where they wanna send those people on a developmental level.

“I don’t need somebody’s wrestling vision to align with mine if we can do good business together, and at the same time I don’t need them to agree with everything I’m doing.”

This comes amid reports that WWE has formed working relationship with GCW. We’ll have to wait to see whether Triple H decides to work with Billy Corgan. Keep reading Ringside News for more.

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Manik Aftab

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