WWE has a roster full of hungry talent, ready to make their mark in the fan base. That being said, injuries are always going to be in the equation as well.

Aliyah is out of action for multiple reasons, and they all have to do with injuries. The former long-time NXT face dropped a social media post to clarify why she hasn’t been on WWE television in recent memory.

It’s been a month so here I go straight from the horses mouth

I have to say my last match was probably one of my most favorite. And I would like to thank my tag partner Raquel and Damage CTRL And everyone involved. Yes I got injured mid match, however I have this overwhelming gratitude towards the incident because I felt like it pulled out a version of me that I never even knew existed. “Keep going!” I remember thinking. “I never get opportunities like this one” another voice in my head screamed. So idc I’m going to keep going and keep showing out. The emotions and energy I was feeling in the moment truly lit me up inside and I felt INDESTRUCTIBLE in that moment (yes, with an elevated first rib and ac sprain and all.)


I am very grateful to get to do what I do and I hope my passion and efforts transcended thru your television screen.

I don’t know what the future holds or when I’ll be back. But I just want to say thank you for everyone that has reached out. I really can’t wait to get back in the ring. —

Aliyah noticed something on Twitter from “Today’s News,” and she had to speak up. This headline said: “WWE Stunner Aliyah Stays Busy By Posting Sexy Bikini Pics For Legion Of Fans While Nursing Secret Injury.”

Without skipping a beat, Aliyah chimed in to clarify this headline. She might be one to drop unbelievable thirst trap photos, but those injuries are not a secret.

Truth: Yes, I am sexy

False: My injury ain’t a secret

We’ll wait patiently for Aliyah’s return to WWE television. Odds are she has zero quit in her at this point, because she gutted it out in NXT for well over half a decade. In the meantime, at least she is keeping her fans updated with frequent thirst trap action.

Do you miss seeing Aliyah on WWE television? Sound off in the comments!

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