Bray Wyatt’s Fiend character was one of the most creative gimmicks in the company’s history. He was abruptly fired from WWE back in July 2021. This was after he was absent from WWE television for several months prior to his release. The reason why Wyatt was suddenly let go by WWE was also revealed, but some people have seemed to forget about what transpired.

According to Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Bray Wyatt was being paid in the range of $4 million year. He rose to the third or fourth highest paid wrestler in the business as a result. Ringside News exclusively reported that Wyatt was “difficult to get along with,” and being “outspoken was never an issue.”

Ringside News was additionally told that Bray Wyatt was “hard to find when needed.” Also, “when he had time off due to medical, there was always an issue with his appointment.” That led to even more frustration. Things finally came to a head, and he was let go. Wyatt’s reputation as a “money maker” was further tarnished because it was difficult to evaluate him when he left.

To say he was a “money maker” is based on what formula since we wasn’t part of the company’s return to live events? So, he was a money maker based solely on his merch? Not as his contract level!


Ringside News also exclusively reported that many people in WWE saw Wyatt’s character as burying talent. We asked around about this situation and were told that internally, “most everyone here agrees with the thought his character killed everyone he worked with.”

He killed babyface Rollins and babyface Miz and there are analytics that document this. Plus, the push went to his head and he thought he was modern day Undertaker. Except once Taker got on top, he started making any other top star he worked with. Bray doesn’t know how to do that and the gimmick doesn’t lend to it.

WWE was still selling Bray Wyatt merchandise at their tables during events even after he was fired. They had few items related to Wyatt and The Fiend left and made them available for fans. There was a lot of Bray Wyatt apparel available on the WWE store after he was fired as well, with even more pieces coming out, including Funko Pop figures, months after his release. Although some of it had 30% off mark, the store’s offer was nothing out of the ordinary.

Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast’s Andrew Zarian also tweeted out to reveal very interesting tidbit of information. He received a quote from someone at either USA Network or FOX which shared some of the disappointment that many fans had over Windham Rotunda’s firing. Now that he’s back, we’ll have to see what’s next in store for Wyatt.

We have not heard anything regarding backstage issues this time around, but Bray Wyatt just returned. Hopefully, any issues that he encountered in the past will stay there.

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