It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means, it’s time for AEW Dynamite! AEW is finally making its debut in Canada and this show promises to be exciting. Fans can certainly expect a few surprises. One surprise was revealed a few moments ago by Tony Khan that Renee Paquette has signed with AEW and is expected to be at AEW Dynamite.

These are Live results, so keep refreshing throughout the show!!!

The start time for tonight’s show is 8:00 PM EST. We will keep you updated with all the action by providing match-by-match highlights and results from the show. Feel free to react in the comments section.

Some of the matches announced for the night are as follows:


ROH World Championship: Chris Jericho (c) vs. Bryan Danielson

AEW All-Atlantic Championship: Pac (c) vs. Orange Cassidy

Billy Gunn vs, Swerve Strickland

Toni Storm & Hikaru Shida vs. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. & Jamie Hayter

“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry vs. Luchasaurus

The opening package for Dynamite plays.

Excalibur welcomes the audience to AEW and their newest broadcast member.

Renee Paquette walks out and introduces herself and welcomes everyone to AEW Dynamite. She then announces Christian Cage who walks out. She asks how does Christian feel to be back in Toronto.

She says it feels great to be back in Toronto and as the face of Canada he is going to guarantee a win tonight for Luchasaurus before insulting the Toronto Maple Leafs. He then introduces Luchasaurus who walks out.

“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry vs. Luchasaurus

Luchasaurus walks out to the ring. Jack Perry’s music plays and he comes out staring at Christian before walking out to the ring.

The match starts and Jungle Boy hits a dropkick on Lunchasuarus. he throws some strikes. He hits the ropes and dropkicks Luchasaurus from behind.

Luchasaurus uses his strength to pick up Jungle Boy and hits the German suplex. He places Jungle Boy on the top turnbuckle and hits him as Jungle Boy falls down outside the ring.

Luchasaurus sets up a table. He pushes Jungle Boy into the ring post. He tries to smash his face into the ring post but Jungle Boy escapes and attacks the arm of Luchasaurus. He continues attacking Luchasaurus’ arm.

Luchasaurus regains control by slamming Jungle Boy into the barricade. He then picks him up and slams him into the apron. Luchasaurus then steps on the back of Jungle Boy. He picks up Jungle Boy and hits him in the back. ]

Jungle Boy tries fighting but Luchasaurus still picks him up and throws him into the mat. Luchasaurus places Jungle Boy in the corner and chops his chest before Irish whipping him viciously into the corner. Cover! 1…2…Kickout.

Luchasaurus sent into the ring post. Jungle Boy goes for the suicide dive, but Jack counters into the hurricanrana sending him into the ring post. He tries to pick up Luchasaurus but can’t. Jack Perry superkicks Luchasaurus but he holds onto the rope. Jack then hits the sunset flip sending Luchasaurus through the table on the outside.

Jack moves Luchasaurus into the ring. Christian leaves the commentary desk which distracts Jack. Luchasaurus sits up. He attacks him with a clothesline and slams him into the mat. Cover! 1..2..kickout.

Luchsaurus picks up Jack Perry and places him on the top turnbuckle. He then climbs up as well but Jack slips down and punches him continuously before setting him in the tree of woe. He runs towards him but is caught by Luchasaurus who hits the chokeslam. Cover! 1…2….kick out.

Luchasaurus then picks up Jack Perry but he escapes. He hits the tops but is caught and still manages to hit the crucifix. Cover! 1…2…kick out. Jack then hits the poisonrana before hitting the killswitch. Cover! 1….2…kickout. Jack Perry then locks in the snare trap.

Luchasaurus crawls to the rope and breaks up the submission. Jungle Boy climbs the top turnbuckle but is distracted by Christian. Luchasaurus hit the chokeslam from the top rope followed by cut-throat for the win.

Winner: Luchasaurus

Renee Paquette interviews Stockley Hathaway and Ethan Page. Matt Hardy then yells at Stokely for buying Private Party’s contracts. Ethan challenges Isaiah Cassidy to match with their contract on the line. Ethan Page then says that when he wins, then The firm will own Matt Hardy’s contract as well.

Back from with QT Marshall in the ring mocking WarJoe’s name, Wardlow’s music hits followed by Samoa Joe’s music and they both make their way to the ring.

Warjoe (Wardlow and Samoa Joe) vs The Factory (QT Marshall & Nick Comoroto)

Match starts with all four men brawling. Joe gains the advantage over QT Marshall by striking him in the corner. He goes for the muscle buster but is stopped by Nick who is taken out Joe.

Samoa Joes tags in Wardlow who continues to assault QT Marshall. headbutt by Wardlow followed by a lariat. Nick tags in. Wardlow hits a continuous Belly to Belly suplex. Nick rams Wardlow into the corner. But not enough as Wardlow picks up and slams him into the ring. Tags in Joe and hits the senton before Joe locks in the rear naked choke for the win.

Wardlow then hits the powerbomb symphony on QT Marshall. But Brian Cage’s music hits and Prince Nana comes out with Cage saying he is upset with Warjoe.

Brian Cage says no one wants to see Warjoe. FTR’s music hits and the duo comes out. Crowd chants FTR. Dax then announces their tag team partner for AEW Rampage who is Shawn Spears who comes out to the ring.

He sends Aaron Solo into the ring before FTR hit the Big Rig on Solo.

Tony Schiavone interviews Chris Jericho. Angelo Parker says that Bryan Danielson is a piece of garbage and blames him for breaking up their family. Matt Menard says he will make him eat a piece of humble pie. Chris Jericho says that Daniel Garcia isn’t answering his calls. He then says he will leave Toronto as ROH Champion.

Swerve Strickland vs. Billy Gunn (with the acclaimed)

Swerve’s music hit and he comes out to the ring. The Acclaimed music hits and they come out with Billy Gunn rapping.

Match begins with Swerve getting in Billy’s face shoving him but is punched in the face. Billy Gunn knocks down Strickland and taunts him. He hits the rope and knocks down Strickland and continues to mock him.

Strickland drop kicks the knee and he rolls out. He continues to attack the knee and shoves Billy’s knee in the steel steps. Cover! 1….2…Kickout. Swerve continues to target the knee. Swerve drives Billy’s knee into the mat.

Gunn tries to fight back but is caught by Strickland who attacks the knee and sends him out of the ring. Swerve dives on Billy who is at ringside. He gets back in the ring and waits for Billy Gunn. As Billy tries to enter the ring, he viciously attacks him.

He hits the rope but is caught and planted into the mat by Gunn. Bunn hits a couple of clotheslines followed by a jackhammer. he picks up Strickland and goes for the famasser but Swerve moves away and continues to attack the knee followed by the flatline. He climbs the top turnbuckle and hits the Swerve stomp. Cover! 1…2…kickout. Billy tried to plant Swerve but he counters and rolls him for the pin (referee didn’t see Billy Gunn grab the ropes).

Winner: Billy Gunn

The Acclaimed enter the ring and try to do their scissor taunt but is stopped by Mark Sterling who says he has an important document to show. He says he owns the trademark to the term “scissor me” which means Acclaimed can’t use their taunts. He dares to sue them if they use their taunt.

He then says he has some ideas they can work on and asks Tony Nese to scissor him.

Alex Marvez interviews MJF who addressed his different side. Stokley interrupts MJF but MJF doesn’t find it funny that he was interrupted calling it strike number 2. He warns Stokley that he will fire him if continues to stick his nose in business.

He then insults William Regal stating he has a dark past as well. He then says that he doesn’t know if would’ve shaken Wheeler Yuta’s hands. He then says nice guys finish last.

He then states he has no choice but to be the bad guy and he doesn’t care whether people like him. He finishes he is a generational talent.

Tony Schiovane is in the ring to say that next week they will live on Tuesday Night when Jon Moxley faces Hangman Adam Page. He then introduces Jon Moxley who comes out to his music.

Moxley then starts by saying its good to be in Toronto after three years. He says that he has beaten everyone in these three years. He says it isn’t easy to be the World Champion and a lot of guys can’t handle it. He adds that the World Champion doesn’t have the luxury of fear or second guesses and that as World Champion he has to be ruthless.

He then addresses Hangman Adam Page whose music hits and he comes out to the ring. They both stare at each other as crowd chants cowboy shit. He then asks Moxley to say whatever he wants about him to his face.

Page says he what Mox said about him last week meant the world to him. He also adds he respects Moxley inside and outside the ring. He also stated that Moxley is the king of man he wants to be.

MJF is in the rafters looking on. Page didn’t like being called a kid by Moxley. Moxley that is exactly what he thinks about Page stating he isn’t the same guy as he was last week saying he doesn’t have the guts to take him out. Page accepts that he wasn’t the same guy he was last year stating that he hesitated and it cost him the World Championship.

He says everyone has left and he is left with nothing, he is depressed but he is still here. He then says that no matter how many times he is beaten down he keeps coming back because he is a man.

He continues he knows what he has to do in Cincinnati to regain the title. He gives Moxley his word that he will be the next AEW World Champion. He says he wanted to say that face-to-face and walks away.

ROH World Championship Chris Jericho (c) vs. Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson’s music plays as he walks out to the ring. Chris Jericho theme song hits and he comes out to the ring with Matt Menard and Angelo Parker.

The match starts and Chris Jericho extends his hand but Byran kicks it away. He goes for a punch but is rolled up by Bryan. 1…2..kick out. Bryan catapults Jericho outside before going for the suicide dive. He picks up and bodyslams Jericho outside before throwing him back in the ring. He punches Jericho in the corner.

Jericho fights back with chops of his own. Bryan now chops back at Jericho. Both men exchange vicious chops. Jericho then hits the avalanche hurricanrana before taunting the crowd.

Bryan Danielson grabs his leg and takes down Jericho. Bryan attacks the rib cage of Jericho. Bryan continues to kick the chest of Jericho and finishes with kick to back of the head. Cover! 1…2..Jericho grabs the rope.

Danielson continues to work the lower back. Jericho fights back with some chops but not enough as Bryan slams Jericho to the mat. Cover! 1…2…kickout. Jericho fights back and hits DDT followed by dropkick and dive to the outside.

Jericho then throws Danielson into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle but is topped by Danielson who throws off the top with avalanche butterfly suplex before locking in the Labelle lock.

But Jericho countered with punches followed by the Walls of Jericho. Danielson manages to escape and hits him in the abdomen. He then goes for the boston crab. Jericho rolls him! Cover! 1….2.. kickout. Roundhouse kick by Danielson. Cover! 1…2…kickout. Fans chant this is awesome. Danielson then hits anvil elbows but Jericho picks him up with Fireman’s carry and plants him down. Cover! 1…2..Kickout. He misses the lionsault and Danielson climbs the top turnbuckle and hits the leaping knee twice before being caught with the codebreaker. Both men exchange strikes.

Jericho shoves Danielson into the referee and both men go the clothesline. Matt Menard hands the ROH belt to Jericho. Danielson is slowly getting back to his geet but Daniel Garcia comes out and takes the title from Jericho. Bryan then hits the running knee. But in a turn of events. he is attacked by Daniel Garcia with the title.

Jericho cover Bryan for the win.

Winner: Chris Jericho(c)

After the match Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli come out to check on Bryan Danielson.

Renne interviews the self-proclaimed TBS Champion. Renee says she isn’t the actual TBS Champion. She is interrupted by Anna Jay who challenges her to match at AEW Rampage. Nyla Rose accepts the challenge.

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D & Jamie Hayter vs. Toni Storm vs. Hikaru Shida

Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter walk out to the ring first followed by Toni Storm and Hikaru Shida.

The match begins with Shida shoving Hayter to the groud. Hayter with some vicious strikes to Shida but Shida fights back with dropkick. Tags in Toni Storm who continues to attack Hayter. Throws he into the corner and hits the uppercut. Distraction from Baker allows Hayter to attack Toni Storm. Cover! 1…2…kickout.

Tags in Baker who continues to attack Storm. Tags in Hayter who stomps Storm. Hayter sends Storm into the ropes and knocks her down. Both women exhange blows before Hayter hits the neckbreaker and both women tag in their partners.

Shida starts punching Baker, sends her into the ropes and hits the jumping knee. Shida suplexes britt Baker on Hayter. She then hits the springboard meteora and tried the katana but was caught by Britt Baker.

Double thrust kick to Shida followed by The Stomp! Cover! 1…2…kick out. Storm hits the DDT on Baker followed by Storm Zero. Cover! 1…2…broken up by Hayter. Britt rolls up Shida. Cover! 1….2…kick out. Britt goes for lockjaw but is rolled up. Cover! 1…2….Kickout. Shida hit the falcon arrow and rolled up Britt Baker for the win.

Winner: Toni Storm & Hikaru Shida

Butcher and Blade wish Mox and Claudio good luck when they step into the ring with men at AEW Rapage.

AEW all-atlantic championship: Pac(c) vs. Orange Cassidy

Orange Cassidy’s music hits and walks out to the ring. Pac’s theme song plays next and he walks out.

The match starts and Orange goes for Orange Punch and misses as Pac hits the dropkick, Pac attacks Orange Cassidy in the corner. Pac mocks Orange Cassidy but Cassidy gets up and dropkicks Pac followed by suicide dive but is caught and turned into the falcon arrow by Pac.

Pac smashes him into the barricade and sends him in the ring. Pac continues kicking Orange Cassidy before dragging him out of the ring. He then drags Orange Cassidy up toward the entrance ramp. he hits the tombstone piledriver on Cassidy.

Pac then walks to the ring and gets in. Orange Cassidy then rolls down the ramp and gets back in the ring. Pac goes for brutalizer. Orange Cassidy puts his foot on the rope to break up the submission.

Pac goes for the bell hammer but Orange Cassidy hits the suicide dive followed by DDT in the ring and Orange Ounch. Cover! 1…2.kickout.Cassidy climbs up to the top rope but Pac rolls to the apron. Cassidy hits beach break on the apron. Orange Cassidy goes for Orange Punch but is caught and slammed to the mat who goes for brutalizer. Cassidy puts his foot on the rope. Pac goes for the bell but is stopped by Danhausen who curses Pac before being knocked out.

Pac goes to hit Cassidy with the hammer but is caught by Cassidy who then picks up the hammer and hands it to the ref. Orange Punch on Pac. he hits Orange Punch again and gets the pinfall.

WInner: Orange Cassidy(c)

The Best Friends come out to celebrate with Orange Cassidy.

This ends live coverage for this week’s AEW Dynamite.

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