Karl Anderson made return to the WWE on the season premiere episode of Monday Night Raw. The longest running weekly episodic television show was obviously a packed show this week, not to mention the DX 25 year celebration.

According to a report from Fightful’s paywall, Karl Anderson will be working the Tokyo Dome show. NJPW was also reportedly given a “heads-up” about the Machine Gun’s situation.

Karl Anderson claims that he’s still planning on working the Tokyo Dome show. Also we were told by those in WWE that New Japan was given a heads-up.

WWE raised the stakes as Karl Anderson joins his former O.C. members in Doc Gallows and AJ Styles. The return happened when Styles answered an ultimatum from The Judgement Day’s Finn Balor.


Styles came out to the discussion about joining The Judgement Day and said that he needed a family. The only point in question is that he wasn’t referring to TJD when talking about family.

AJ Styles was talking about The Originals, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson. Their return received a huge pop from the WWE Universe in attendance and those watching at home. Fans were thrilled to see the former Good Brothers become a part of the WWE.

Are you excited to see Karl Anderson in the WWE and him wrestling in different promotions while working with the WWE? Sound off in the comments.

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