WWE officially announced changes to the commentary teams with the season premiere that is set to begin with this week’s episode of SmackDown. Variety earlier reported that all three brands are set to undergo the change.

This means that Michael Cole and Wade Barett will commentate for SmackDown while Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves will be on the commentary team for RAW and Vic Joseph & Booker T will do commentary for NXT.

Apart from this, WWE also shook up their ring announcers and backstage interviewers. Samantha Irvin will serve as the ring announcer for SmackDown with Kayla Braxton and Megan Morant serving as backstage interviewers for the blue brand.

However, for Monday Night RAW, Mike Rome will be the ring announcer while Cathey Kelley and Byron Saxton will conduct onscreen interviews. As for NXT, Alicia Taylor will be the ring announcer while McKenzie Mitchell will continue as a backstage interviewer.

One name from the above list that surprised fans is Cathy Kelley. Kelley worked with WWE until her release in 2020. This announcement means that Kelley will be making her return to the promotion after two years. She was quick to jump on Twitter and let fans know she’s back.

hey guys cathy kelley here

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, because Stephanie McMahon, the company’s new co-CEO is a huge fan of Kelley. She even promised to bring Cathy Kelley back, and that’s what happened.

This change in commentary could be just what WWE needed to make things more interesting. With the season premiere just around the corner, only time will tell what more surprises Triple H and WWE will have in store for the WWE Universe.

What’s your take on Cathey Kelley’s WWE return? Let us know in the comments section.

Sunil Joseph

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