Happy Corbin may be WWE performer, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t keep an eye on the NFL. He is also a former Indianapolis Colts offensive lineman. Corbin recently accused Pat McAfee, who was a punter for the Colts of rigging the game.

Colts were able to pick up a victory over Kansas City Chiefs today, thanks to Matt Ryan connecting a touchdown pass to Jelani Woods. McAfee then tweeted praise to officials after the match concluded.

Can’t say rude stuff to Matt Ryan… it’s as easy as that. Really good unsportsmanlike conduct call in Indy a couple seconds ago.. 4th quarter.. 3rd DAHN.. punt team half way on the field. But instead because of rude words…FIRST DAHN COLTS

Corbin replied to McAfee’s tweet by accusing him of bribing the football officials. He also referenced his SummerSlam match with Pat, where he lost to him by pinfall. It’s really amusing to see the two go back and forth at each other on social media.


Confirmed @PatMcAfeeShow paid the refs

Wow @PatMcAfeeShow somehow beat me at summerslam. @Colts pulled off miracle and beat my @Chiefs. What the hell is happing??? How is this real life

McAfee and Corbin’s relationship goes way back. It’s worth mentioning that both are former Colts athletes. They used to share a room during Colts training camp. This also paved the way for WWE to create an onscreen rivalry between the two. Check out their tweets below.

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