AEW has been a tough competition to the WWE. A plethora of ex-WWE superstars joined the promotion to be the face of the change. With the new regime taking over in the WWE, things have gone in a different direction.

We reported that Buddy Matthews of The House of Black has asked for some time off from AEW to rejuvenate and regroup himself. While this was the first speculation, more details have come in over the last couple of hours.

According to the recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter, AEW has made no comment on the thoughts shared by Buddy Matthews. The situation is similar to Malakai Black, but there’s no request for a release at this time.

Regarding Buddy Matthews, AEW has made no comment on the situation. It appears to be a situation similar to Malakai Black but there is nothing on his getting a release at this point. He did an independent show for Fight Life Pro last night and said basically the same thing Black said, that he is going away for a while, needs to recalibrate and it’s not good bye, it’s see you later. In this case, there is no confirmation of a release although just about everyone figures he’s got a long-term deal, wants to go back to WWE and has to work something out to do so. We were also told Tony Khan is not hot on releasing people to go to WWE so we’ll have to see how this plays out. But there is a feeling he and Black are done in AEW, and for certain, both are gone for now, meaning Brody King is likely a single with Julia Hart.


Buddy Matthews did an independent show for Fight Life Pro last night and said words similar to Black. There’s no input on Tony Khan being high on releasing people so that they can go to the WWE.

While there’s no official word if Black and Matthews are done with AEW, the internal feeling confirms that the two may be done with Tony Khan’s promotion. It means that Brody King is the only one left in The House of Black with Julia Hart.

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