Saraya, formerly known as Paige in WWE, is an exceptional wrestler who had to hang up her boots in 2017 due to a medical condition. She did have other gigs in the WWE, but none of them are as good as being in the ring again.

While fans were eager to know the importance of the name, others weren’t able to pronounce it correctly. She ensured that her English lessons are available for all and that everyone gets the best education from a qualified professional.

It’s pronounced Sir-rey-uh

While Saraya was clear on how her name should be pronounced and the user answered her tweet with a response of its own. The account focuses on the dictionary, so it had some advice for Saraya.


Actually in English language it’s SAH-RAH-Yuh. SAR doesn’t make a SIR sound …SER makes a ser sound

Saraya didn’t hold back her English teaching lessons and told the account details in her own fashion. While it wasn’t a fistfight or an invitation to the ring, it involved her direct response.

Not you telling me how I pronounce my name..

Saraya will speak for the first time on the upcoming episode of AEW Dynamite. She will address her situation with AEW in the coming episode. We need to see if her English classes continue there too.

How do you pronounce her name? Sound off in the comments.

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