Roman Reigns is the WWE Universal Champion, and he fought a lot of people along the way. The Tribal Chief is undefeated over the last two years. He is The Needle Mover in the WWE and commands acknowledgement from everyone in the place he visits.

The Head of the Table was recently on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast. Roman Reigns talked about his life, him getting cut off from NFL and his wife being pregnant with a baby back in the day.

The Tribal Chief talked about how the doctors discovered leukemia. Logan also asked Roman if Brock Lesnar is his toughest challenger yet. The Bloodline leader could not deny it.

Oh, Thank You. So, I mean Yeah. I think when the competition whether it’s outside or inside or preferably both, um it’s always going to push you know business and just create a more competitive aggressive atmosphere um, but yeah you know we, Me and Brock have we’ve main evented a bunch of huge shows together. I mean we covered pretty much the full calendar year to dotting through it um paid you know big pay-per-views, WrestleMania main event, um, so I would definitely say he’s been thus far my biggest rival.


Roman Reigns thinks that Brock Lesnar is one tough wrestler to work with because of his legitimate background in the MMA world. There are always eyeballs on anything that involves Brock Lesnar.

It’s interesting to see Roman Reigns praise his opponents. The WWE Universe tends to believe that wrestlers hate each other in real life too, but that is not the case with the Beast Incarnate and the Head of the Table.

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