Gable Steveson is the kind of Superstar that Vince McMahon dreamed about. It appears that Steveson has all the tools needed to become the next Kurt Angle, but a recent report stopped that momentum in its tracks.

Despite showing up at big WWE events and getting spotted on camera with some considerable fanfare that even translated into WrestleMania moment, Steveson hasn’t debuted for the company. A recent report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter pointed toward Steveson being “cold” at the moment and his poor performance in training is to blame for that.

Everything is cold on Gable Steveson. His brother is doing great, and they wanted to debut him some time ago, but it hasn’t happened because reviews on his training progress haven’t been good. They were going to fast track him after he finished his last season in March, but he hasn’t even been around or talked about.

Ringside News immediately reached out for clarification when this report dropped. A tenured member of the writing team confirmed that Steveson is not being talked about at all, and this call came from the top.


We were told that Steveson’s name isn’t coming up at all. “Maybe that makes him ‘cold,’ but he’s not a topic of conversation. We’ve heard nothing. He’s not talked about.”

It was made clear that this is not an instance of “no creative pitched for him.” This situation is “about the fact he’s not on a list of people to talk about. Whatever he’s done, he’s not on the list. So this is something that is from way up top.”

“The top” used to be Vince McMahon, but now Triple H is calling the shots. It’s not known exactly what the issue with Gable Steveson is; but even Triple H, someone who was incredibly high on the Olympic Gold Medalist, is not including him in the company’s immediate plans.

WWE set up remote training facility for Steveson, so he could work on his skills in the ring while going to the University of Minnesota. We haven’t heard much about his training since that report, but he was recently spotted with Mr. Kennedy.

We have reached out to Gable Steveson for comment, but have not received a response as of this writing. Keep checking back with Ringside News for more.

What’s your take on Gable Steveson’s current situation in WWE? Sound off in the comments!

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