Dolph Ziggler has been a consistent presence in WWE. He’s known for his resilience, though he always comes off as a bit stand-offish. Ziggler recently blasted WWE over their recent social media posts showing him getting hit with a brutal RKO from Randy Orton.

The WWE Instagram page posted a clip of Ziggler getting RKO’d. Orton then pinned him in the clip, scoring a win. The clip is from August 31, 2012, SmackDown episode from Green Bay. They pointed out the RKO in the caption again, essentially celebrating the anniversary of the match.

@randyorton gave The Showoff an RKO for the ages 10 years ago today!

Ziggler didn’t take to that kindly at all. He reacted in the comments by saying that nobody talks about the times he evaded any brutal attacks. He also referenced the Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW.


What’s the point of this? What about all the times I DIDN’T get rko’d? No one ever talks about those! I don’t randomly show clips of wcw beating you for those 83 weeks, from my account! BLOCKED AND REPORTED

WWE again took to Twitter with the same clip, and asked if Ziggler is “good.” The Show-Off fired back once again, saying that he’s going to drop some clips of WCW again at random times.

You good, @HEELZiggler? #SmackDown

GOOD? I’m the best MF’r there is! BRB I gotta randomly post some clips of WCW in 1996…

Dolph Ziggler is not going to stop wrestling anytime soon. He’s idolized by many WWE superstars, including Alexa Bliss. Dolph Ziggler has big hand in grooming Theory, and mocked WWE fans for booing him.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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