AEW President Tony Khan previously showed interest to keep pro wrestling’s forbidden door open for potential supershow with WWE. The Forbidden Door opened the gateway to several dream matches for the fans to witness. However, Khan is now pessimistic about a possible AEW-WWE collaboration.

Tony Khan opened up about the idea during the AEW All Out media conference. He was previously optimistic about some kind of collaboration when the new regime took over at WWE. Now the chances are slim given how WWE treated Khan.

Tony Khan said that when the new regime took over at WWE, he was more optimistic than ever at some kind of collaboration. Now, he is less than optimistic at that happening given how they have treated him. Very short answer.

Tony Khan did not detail what that treatment was. Khan recently acquired Ring of Honor, which for a number of years operated as an unofficial feeder system of sorts for WWE. Khan also organized a successful joint event with New Japan Pro-Wrestling.


The financial success of the Forbidden Door event proved that there is undoubtedly a market for major pro wrestling promotions to collaborate in order to create a card full of potential dream matches, despite concerns about whether Forbidden Door will help or hurt AEW’s relationship with both its fan base and its own roster in the long run. Only time will tell if the dream WWE and AEW collaboration will happen.

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