NWA had a shift in roster over the time spanning the pandemic. Some names, such as Kylie Rae, have joined or returned to the organization since then. These talents returning to the company gave them a huge boost after many contracts expired during the pandemic.

However, during the Nick Aldis and Billy Corgan feud, Aldis admitted to taken much less money to help NWA. This news has now been confirmed behind Fightful’s paywall.

Corgan and Aldis picked up the contract option for 2021 and extended the contract to 2022. During this time, many talents were given extreme pay cuts to their contracts.

Aldis, in particular, took less money to help alleviate the loss of funds the company took during this time. His contract had originally stipulated that he get more money.


Corgan did specify that Aldis did not want to be and was not involved in any of NWA’s creative and just wants to be a talent. Aldis has worked for the company since 2017. He was also recently removed from the main event for the upcoming NWA event “NWA 74”.

Fightful also confirmed in 2019 that All Elite Wrestling made Aldis an offer, to which Aldis declined. We will have to wait to see what his next move is after his contract expires later this year.

Will Aldis stick around NWA following the expiration of his contract? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below!

Chase Gilmer

Chase Gilmer is 31 years old from Decatur, Alabama. He loves all sports and professional wrestling. He is also one of the co-host and co-founders of The Pinning Predicament.

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