John Morrison was one of the highlights of WWE television after he returned to the company in 2019. Morrison has already admitted that his WWE return didn’t quite go as expected. He also addressed speculation regarding Seth Rollins.

The Guru of Greatness had incredible performances in the company and impressed many fans. He even had solid matches working with The Miz, among others. He also debuted his ”Johnny Drip Drip” character during his final run in WWE, where he carried a water stick with him.

Morrison’s character was also similar to Seth Rollins, who bragged about his own drip game. While speaking to Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston, John Morrison revealed that Rollins had nothing to do with WWE cancelling his ‘drip drip’ character.

I don’t even know if Seth Rollins watches SmackDown or did at the time. As far as the ’drip’ stuff goes, I don’t even know if he knows what ‘drip’ is. The reason it got pulled back on was because Miz left [For Dancing with the Stars] and for some reason I had like three different plans that got changed at the last second,” John Morrison said. “So I was just kinda sitting around. And if you sit around at TV for a couple weeks, then you start to get into trouble, you know what I mean? I think that’s kinda what happened more than Seth Rollins being the cause of it.” 


Morrison also didn’t want to stay in WWE after the company fired his wife, Taya Valkyrie. Morrison has worked for multiple promotions since being released by WWE including AEW, GCW, AAA, and PROGRESS. Morrison is having a good time in the indies right now, and that’s what matters to him. Only time will tell where we see him next.

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