Tony Khan garners a lot of attention every time he does an interview. It seems that his opinion of All Elite Wrestling and his work for that company isn’t diminishing either. A recent comment from Khan certainly turned some heads his direction.

Tony Khan appeared on Busted Open Radio where he said, “The person I have people come up to me and say, as far as being a fan who was around pro wrestling and wrestlers for a long time and then jumped into the business, the person I think I get compared to most often of, ‘You remind me of this person,’ I think we’re really different people and I haven’t talked to him or gotten or see him in a really long time is Paul. Paul Heyman, not the other Paul (Levesque).”

The idea that Tony Khan reminds anyone of Paul Heyman is not held within WWE, that is for sure. In fact, Ringside News has a bit of insight on the mindset held within the company about what the AEW President said.

One tenured member of the creative team relayed their thoughts on the matter. We were told, “I don’t know Tony Khan, but a lot of people in WWE got a good laugh at him thinking that highly about himself.”


It was said to us that even Paul Heyman’s enemies in WWE “don’t deny his brilliance nor the fact what he did in ECW took such balls.” Tony Khan’s comments were laughed at, and they were also not taken seriously. In fact, Khan’s tone-deaf remark he made after Vince McMahon’s retirement was given as an illustration.

This is the same guy who bragged about being the longest reigning CEO when Vince announced retirement under terrible circumstances.

We will continue monitoring Tony Khan’s activities here at Ringside News, because the man’s decisions really do influence a ton of people. In the end, AEW fans might hang on his every word, but those in WWE aren’t taking his boisterous claims too seriously.

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