WWE is seeing a lot of changes and that is bringing some former Superstars back. It appears that someone else that Triple H was once behind is interested in making a comeback.

Lio Rush was on the WWE roster from 2017 to 2020. Rush was featured prominently on NXT and 205 Live. Rush was also Bobby Lashley’s on-screen manager. WWE fired Rush in 2020 due to pandemic budget cuts and conduct issues. But a tweet send out suggest his desire to make a WWE return.

Rush posted a picture of him and Lashley on stage during their partnership. This managerial role highlighted the chrisma that Rush can easily evoke. Could this tweet mean he misses WWE? Probably yes, but a WWE return is on the table.

Last June, Rush said he’s willing to come back to WWE. Many factors like stocks, money, and business decisions could influence his potential WWE return.


“I think situations change, I think values and stocks rise. I think people like money; I think people like to make money and that’s what it ultimately comes down to when it comes to business. So no, I don’t rule anything out.” Rush said

Lio Rush is only 27-years-old and has already done a lot in the wrestling world. Rush is a one-time AAA World Cruiserweight Champion and currently competes in NJPW and AAA. He won the NXT Cruiserweight Championship in WWE, proving how even a tiny wrestler can make it big. Let’s not rule out the possibility of Lio Rush returning to WWE.

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Johnathan Xavier Pugh

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