WWE held tryouts during SummerSlam weekend. Those tryouts included over 50 collegiate athletes, not to mention NBA star Dwight Howard.

ESPN reported that from the 50 college athletes who took part in the tryouts. 14 of them were signed by the WWE, but the names of those college athletes were not disclosed until now. Triple H released a highlight reel of him welcoming the new recruits into the company.

Triple H tweeted out a message to all those who received WWE contracts during the tryouts.

The start of a very exciting journey for 14 young men and women. I had the pleasure of offering them an opportunity … and I’m excited to see them all seize it. Welcome aboard. It’s your time!!!!


It looks like Howard didn’t make the cut, but he probably has a lot going on to become a WWE Superstar. Congratulations to the new recruits. Triple H was born to be a promoter and I love it.

Now it’s time for them to put in the work. Should be fun watching them develop in NXT. You can check out a full list of new recruits below.

Kennedy Cummins – University of Minnesota Cheerleader

Gabrielle Dunn – Trains in karate. Won Women’s Adult Forms Overall Grand

Champion at the US Capitol Classics.

Rickssen Opont – Track & Field athlete

Alivia Ash – Track & Field athlete from Louisville and Rutgers

Harleigh White – Track & Field athlete from Clemson

Chukwusom Enekwechi – Track and Field athlete from East Michigan

Jade Gentile – Soccer player from WVU

Anna Keefer – Track & Field athlete from North Carolina

Breanna Ruggiero – Former Cheerleader at Sacramento State Cheer

Beau Morris – Offensive lineman from SMU

Franki Strefling – Volleybal player from Eastern Michigan University

Hayden Pittman – Tight End from UAB

Lea Mitchell – Gymnast from Michigan State

Kevin Ventura-Cortes – Tight End from Concordia St Paul

What are your thoughts regarding the new recruits from the video? Sound off in the comments section below.

Andre Porter

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