Bryan Danielson is an indomitable force in the world of professional wrestling. While he is currently an AEW superstar having the time of his life, he was huge force in WWE. The star took on creative duties after suffering in-ring injuries, which he enjoyed immensely.

The former WWE superstar, however, had a pretty bad time working on Total Bellas, reality TV show centering on the Bella Twins. While Danielson is married to Brie Bella, he absolutely hated the show.

Danielson spoke about his feelings regarding the show with Renee Paquette of The Sessions.” He said that he hates all of reality TV, and criticized it for how it’s mostly orchestrated despite being promoted as otherwise.

[I hate] all of it. You’re constantly changing clothes on the same day to go film something and pretend it’s a different day.


The star also talked about how he had to give his retirement speech in WWE after suffering his concussion back in 2016. He then added that he had to go to film for the show at John Cena’s house.

Once I did the speech and I stepped away, I wasn’t around wrestling. So I started going, ‘Oh God. We have to film Total Bellas.’ Okay, that’s the part I forgot. So I have to give this retirement speech and, then, I have to go live in John Cena’s house.

Danielson also spoke about fabricated arguments in the show that became real. He recalled John Cena and Nikki Bella got into an argument about a property they had, which then turned real when their own beliefs started taking over. Danielson is in a pretty good place right now and hopefully won’t have to do a reality show any time soon.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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