Britt Baker has worked very hard to improve herself and become one of the best female wrestlers in AEW. It was a slow and gradual process, as fans initially rejected her entirely. She also has lofty goals in mind when it comes to AEW’s overall growth.

AEW established itself as a true alternative to WWE since its inception back in 2019. People were drawn to the fact that it was so much different than what they were used to in WWE.

However, it is an objective fact that WWE is a far more popular and well-known company, compared to AEW. While speaking on the Absolute Geek Podcast, Britt Baker stated that she wants to make AEW as mainstream as WWE.

“For most people in the world, WWE is the number one wrestling promotion. You can pick out anybody on the street, they know what WWE is. Not everybody knows what AEW is yet, and I wanna get to a point where it is super mainstream and we do more entertainment and mainstream crossovers so that they can see one of our stars and they go, ‘Oh, that person’s a wrestler from AEW,’ not just, ‘who is that person?’


So I think that’s what’s next for us is just growing massively because we have a successful show, we have a great show, we have great leadership, we have great wrestlers, we have a great product. Let’s get more eyes on it because it’s so great and we should have more eyes on it.”

Tony Khan also believes AEW is legit competitor to WWE, unlike other promotions. We will have to wait and see if a day will come when AEW will finally be accepted into the mainstream or not. It is likely still several years away from now.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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