Jim Duggan told his fans in March of this year that his prostate cancer returned. This arose after his previous cancer battle was declared over in October of last year. Despite the disarray, Jim Duggan’s doctors were able to resurrect him with intensive radiation treatment. Now, Duggan has revealed on Instagram that he is cancer-free.

Duggan stated in an Instagram video that he underwent 8 weeks of radiation treatment. A 5-day-a-week procedure, but before that, he received a hormone shot as part of his treatment. When he saw a cancel free bells and heard other patients ring the bell, his emotions ran high.

“For 8 weeks I’ve been coming by, looking at this bell, listening to the other folks coming by and ringing the bell,” Duggan said in the emotional video. “I’ve been looking forward to it.”

Duggan’s doctors, nurses, friends, and family were all thanked graciously in the video. He appreciates the fans supports throughout his 8-week canceler battle. During the video, Duggan promised to moan and cry in the parking lot and stated  “After 8 weeks, here we go.”


The health battle of Hacksaw Jim Duggan dates back to 1998, where he was stricken with kidney cancer. He soon returned in 1999, where Duggan wrestled with WWE, WCW, TNA, and the indies. At 68, many are skeptical and believe his cancer could return. However, his perseverance seems to suppress the cancer virus and prevent it from beating him. His doctors want him to live his life, and Duggan will do so.

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