Pat McAfee has to be one of the most popular attractions on WWE SmackDown as a member of the commentary team. He’s stepped into the ring twice on the main roster since becoming part of the SmackDown in addition to his time in NXT. He is also tested like any other talent.

McAfee is a former NFL player and continues to work out as he gets in the ring. He made an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, and McAfee was asked if he has ever considered taking steroids as a member of the WWE roster.

“They have a whole Wellness Policy at the WWE because of, what you are alluding to, where there is, they drug test rather often at the WWE. There is always going to be people talking about some people not being tested, there are always conspiracy theories about everything, but I’ve been tested, given my blood to the WWE numerous times. 100% serious. There is a lot of things happening when you start injecting your body with stuff and people who are already high energy and very emotional. There is stuff that has happened through evolution of human and evolution of WWE where they have had to put in different rules and evolve heavily. The Wellness Policy is a big one because of all the things you are immediately thinking of,

“Now, with that being said, when I was in the NFL and we’d see a guy walk into the locker room who was obviously on something that the rest of us would not take because it’d fail a test, there was immediate chatter out of my brain, ‘as soon as I retire, I’m getting on whatever that guy is on.’ You’d see someone come walking in, yoked out of their mind, ‘Okay, what, he was just drinking protein shakes? Haha. I’m gonna get into that.’ As I’ve grown older, I’ve found two things; difficult to find in Indiana, where I live. It’s not just something you walk up to the corner store and say, ‘Hey, I’m looking to look like this guy who walked into the locker room when I was playing, what do I need to take?’ Also, I’m starting to think more about life. I thought I was going to die young for a long time. I was burning that thing from both ends real hard, that’s well documented, everyone knows that. Now that I’m getting older, I’m trying to take care of myself a little bit and I don’t know if I want to shove everything horses take into their bodies, into mine. If science gets to a point where it’s healthy and safe, and it’s not going to kill me too young, I will certainly take something that will make my metabolism be a little quicker like it used to be, (and help) my recovery time. I haven’t dove into those waters just yet.”


WWE established the Talent Wellness Program on February 27, 2006. The program is administered independently of WWE. To learn more about the Wellness Policy click here. The company hasn’t seen anyone fail the wellness policy in a long time, so it must be doing the trick.

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Andre Porter

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