Finn Balor portrayed the fan-favorite character of “The Demon” on the independent scene and brought the gimmick with him to NXT. Unfortunately, Balor has used it rarely on the main roster of WWE. He would like for that to change.

Finn hasn’t portrayed his Demon character since losing to Roman Reigns at last year’s Extreme Rules event for the WWE Universal Title. That caused frustration with fans and even critics.

During the Cheap Heat podcast, Balor was asked if the Demon gimmick would be returning soon. Finn said that the character has a special relationship with SummerSlam because he won the Universal Title at the event in 2016. However, he won’t be using it in the foreseeable future.

“I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. There will be no Demon tomorrow, [SummerSlam]. There will be no Demon in the foreseeable future. Once we kind of finish this story arc with The Judgment Day, we’ll get back on track with the Demon.”


Balor was then asked about having creative control over the Demon character. He wants more control regarding how the character is booked, but there are many levels in WWE to keep happy.

“I would like more creative control over the Demon. A lot more and I would execute it a lot differently if it was given to me to like babysit. Working with a company that has so many different levels of management and different departments that need to be kept happy, something you lose is some of that creative license that you have when you’re independent. So, obviously, as a perfectionist and something that I created, I would like more control over it, but I understand the limitations when I work for a company like the WWE.”

We’ll see if Finn gets his chance in the future, since Triple H is in charge of creativity. Such an opportunity to get off the underrated list. You never know if he could implement the Demon into his current Judgement Day stable.

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