Bryan Danielson has a reputation as backstage bully of sorts. The American Dragon likes to pick on the giants in the locker room, like Paul Wight and Mark Henry. It’s not about picking on people, but Danielson said he doesn’t want to be soft like other wrestlers.

Danielson returned on last night’s episode of AEW Dynamite after an injury that kept him sidelined since the end of May. He lost to Daniel Garcia after some interference by Jake Hager. In the ring, he is happy to help make a young star, but backstage is a totally different story.

Barstool’s Robbie Fox caught up with Bryan Danielson recently. He was asked about bullying Paul Wight backstage. Bryan explained the reason for his behavior and how he chooses his bullying targets.

“Now, I do bully other people. [My targets are] sometimes giants — only occasionally giants. I come in hot. I’m not coming in there to be soft on these guys…


Sometimes, I’ll be on the training table or something like that, and Paul will come up to me and grab me in some sort of way. And I’ll immediately, as fast as I can, try to armbar him.

Not that he’s a giant, but I am constantly trying to take down Jake Hager,because he’s got a background. It’s not like I’m trying to single leg Brandon Cutler all the time.”

When asked about his success rate for takedowns on Jake Hager, Bryan Danielson didn’t have much to say. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t frequently challenge him. Danielson is a bully, but he is far from a conventional one.

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