Former WWE Superstar Paul Wight used to be known as the Big Show in WWE. He spent over two decades in the company before he decided to take his skills elsewhere. Wight eventually made his way to AEW, much to the surprise of the pro wrestling world.

Despite his successful career in WWE, Big Show was often made a joke due to Vince McMahon turning him into a heel or babyface randomly at the drop of a hat. Fans continue to ridicule Wight over this as well.

He has faced numerous top stars during his time in WWE, including the likes of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. While speaking on The Wrestling Classic’s “Casual Conversations,” Paul Wight talked about his experience working with Steve Austin during a 10-day tour in the UK. He recalled losing it in the ring with Steve Austin during a match as well.

“He would kick the sh*t out of me for about 3 or 4 minutes, beat me, and pour beer on my head.”


When the match happened, Wight accidentally pulled Austin’s shorts a little too far up. Due to this, Austin hit Wight right on the chin with three shoot punches. Wight said he lost it, nearly threw Austin over the top rope.

So as he’s covering me, he’s telling me to kick out.” Wight said that he told the former Big Show to kick out once Austin hit the Stone Cold Stunner. Wight said he was scared to kick out of the signature move for fear of being fired. “You’ve heard the horror stories of the older dudes; this guy is gonna get me fired.” Wight will always fondly remember working with Austin and that’s what matters now.

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