Paul Wight ended up in AEW after being with WWE since 1999. The Big Show dropped that name, but he’s still a giant. There is a reason why he decided to depart from WWE after all that time as well.

While speaking to Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, Paul Wight explained that his decision to leave WWE was a quick one that he made in about two days. This boiled own to a creative issue and frustration over many things.

“This was a very quick decision that was made in a matter of 48 hours for me,” Wight revealed. Then he went into by he made this decision.

“For me, I think it was just creatively, frustration. I had gone back and forth you know, with Paul Heyman, Bruce Prichard, and Vince. I had some medical issues a couple of years ago where I had problems with a hip real bad, and you know how things are there, that you kinda get out of the loop a little.”


“It’s real hard for them to work you back into the loop, no matter how much talent you have, no matter how much you have to offer. It was frustrating for me because, yeah I was making money. I worked once against Drew [McIntyre] after WrestleMania there. I did a couple of things like I came in to be partners with Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe then that went out and it’s like ‘I need more than this, Vince.'”

“I’ve never been a ‘sit on the bench’ guy, you know? I’m not gonna take money to just sit at home and be happy like a little princess, that’s not my deal. I like to work for my money. I like to earn it. I think I went 18 years in WWE without missing a single Europe tour, spring or fall.”

Big Show made a point during that card game with the legends on RAW that he is not retired. WWE still didn’t book him for any real matches. We’ll have to see what AEW has in store for Paul Wight. Right now it appears that he will focus on AEW Dark: Elevation, but the big man can still go in the ring.

Transcription by Ringside News

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