Vince McMahon bought WWE from his father and took the promotion to never before seen heights. McMahon got more eyes on the product by offering a fine blend of sports and entertainment.

After ruling the WWE with an iron fist for nearly four decades, McMahon announced his retirement from the company this past Friday. His legacy, however, is tainted by sex scandal that has received widespread coverage.

McMahon is at the center of workplace harassment allegations voiced by several former female employees who claim the former WWE Chairman paid them millions to keep mum on his antics.

Fans and wrestlers have mixed reaction to the allegations. Some have expressed their angst for McMahon. Ryback is among them. The former WWE superstar took to Twitter on Sunday and once again commented on the issue.


I have told you the truth all along based off of personal experience. Now just wait until they find all the horrible non sexual stuff the company does to talent and former talents. Some will find another reason to hate, but that’s on you. Ryback TM is coming home, clean sweep!

Ryback is also happy over the fact that Vince McMahon is no longer the head of WWE. The Big Guys never misses change to bash his former employee. Keep reading Ringside News for more.

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Manik Aftab

Manik Aftab serves as a news writer at Ringside News. He has covered pro wrestling and sports entertainment for a variety of publications, including Sportskeeda Wrestling, The Sportster, and WrestleZone. Outside of his professional duties, Manik likes to indulge in fiction, thrillers, comics, manga, and anime.

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