Matt Jackson suffered neck injury during The Young Bucks’ AEW World Tag Team Championship match on the July 13 episode of Dynamite. Jackson was able to finish the match, which saw Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland capture the titles. The injury didn’t appear to be serious, but AEW can not afford to have any more top names on the shelf.

Jackson has been suffering from neck issues from wear and tear for a while. In the three-way tag title match, he suffered what was revealed to be neck stinger. Given his history of problems with that part of the anatomy, it is natural to wonder if it might affect things going forward for The Young Bucks.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer gave an update on Matt Jackson’s injury status. Matt has not had any loss of strength and his mobility is back to normal. He cleared testing protocols, and now is just suffering from some soreness.

“Matt Jackson is doing a lot better since his stinger from early in the 7/13 tag title change. He described it as like bad whiplash. He’s had no loss of strength, and his mobility and range of motion is already back to normal. He passed a strength test right after the injury so major concerns about the injury were alleviated quickly. But he was very sore and it may be a few weeks before he’s back in the ring”


AEW is hoping to have several big names back from injury after a rash of very bad luck. CM Punk is expected to return soon, as is Adam Cole. Bryan Danielson is also showing signs of coming closer to a return to the ring.

Fortunately for AEW, Matt Jackson’s neck injury won’t be a long-term issue. Matt wrestles a bump-heavy style and is prone to this kind of wear and tear. It shouldn’t be too long before fans see him back between the ropes with brother Nick Jackson.

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