WWE fans were excited when news broke that Monday Night Raw is going to TV-14 rating in the future. The initial report jumped the gun, as the source came from a prematurely leaked memo. The show is still expected to switch ratings eventually.

Many fans have speculated about a return to the raunchier Attitude Era. It was the height of the company’s success. That kind of content also would be very unlikely to fly in today’s environment.

Dave Meltzer discussed what the change will bring on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. He believes return to the days of the late 1990s is very improbable. WWE will likely not push the envelope too far when Raw goes to TV-14.

“I mean, as far as I know, it’s something in discussion. It’s not going to start this Monday like he [Andrew Zarian] had first thought and I guess there was a memo that he had seen that said that, but the memo was released prematurely or something. It’s weird.


I don’t believe they’re going to do blood. I’ve asked the company and the company… There are people in the company who I know knew nothing about it. The company official line was did not comment on it at all. So, you know, that makes me think it’s in progress and they don’t want to say it until they’re ready to address it themselves, and they’re not yet, because they would have if that was the case.

It’s an interesting thing, because, you know the TV-PG thing was all about Mattel, right? You know, and the sponsors and promising to keep the show clean. So, this is kind of like going against that to a degree. So, as far as, like I said, I don’t believe they’re going to do blood because they’ve come out so hard against it. Then again, you know, there was times when they went really hard against WCW doing blood and then they competed against WCW by doing blood.”

Meltzer went on to say that he believes the change is because AEW allows its stars to use bad language on their show. He does not believe that the days of bra and panties matches are coming back. WWE would likely face backlash from sponsors if they went back to the Attitude Era, but dirty words are on the table.

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