WWE Monday Night Raw is expected to change to TV-14 rating sometime shortly. Initial reports that the switch would happen this Monday were little premature. Still, fans are excited to see what change the new rating might bring to the product.

Many have been wondering what this means for WWE’s other prime-time shows. WWE SmackDown airs on Fox, so any change would be up to them. With USA being the ones who want Raw to go to TV-14, it makes sense that NXT would follow the lead.

WWE is looking for a younger audience with NXT. The show often pushes sex appeal more than Raw or SmackDown. Dave Meltzer noted on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that he assumes the developmental brand will go to TV-14 if and when USA Network pulls the trigger on the switch.

“I would think that if they do it to Raw, they’ll do it to NXT. I think it’d be across the board. I don’t think it should be one show. Why do one show? SmackDown would be up to Fox. At the end of the day, this is a USA call, not a WWE call. Again, if Fox wants it, yeah. In both cases, it’s up to Fox and it’s up to USA. They’re the ones making the call. In fact, on this one, I was basically told, ‘It’s USA’s call.’


So, it’s not like Vince [McMahon] said this. I mean, obviously, Vince has to green light it. But, it’s USA, for whatever reason. If they want it that way and they think it’ll hurt sponsorship, maybe they won’t want it that way. I don’t know. I could see WWE going like, ‘Oh, God, on TNT, they’re allowed to say sh*t, and we say it and it’s bleeped out. Let’s change that. It’s such a minor thing, but absolutely they would want to do that.”

Early episodes of NXT 2.0 included some adult language. WWE superstar Seth Rollins even acknowledged it at the time on Twitter. While swearing on NXT 2.0 was short-lived, it could soon be returning. It makes sense for the developmental brand to follow, especially if the network itself came up with the idea.

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