John Cena made his return during a previous week’s episode of Monday Night RAW. WWE ran a couple of pre-recorded video messages from current superstars and also veterans. This included AEW stars Paul Wight, Chris Jericho and Bryan Danielson. Despite his cordial video message on WWE television, Wight is still rooting for AEW.

Danielson was billed as Daniel Bryan and Paul Wight as Big Show in Vince McMahon’s company’s video messages. WWE contacted Tony Khan for permission to use them for the videos, and Khan gave them the go ahead.

While speaking with Riju Dasgupta, Paul Wight talked about his appearance on Monday Night RAW. Wight made it clear he wants AEW to win the ratings war with WWE.

“That was a cool situation and I am glad that WWE gave me the opportunity to say thank you to John [Cena]. It was really cool of Tony Khan to allow his contracted talent to appear on another show to say thanks. This shows a lot of class, I think on both companies.


You know it’s great to be competitive, and at the same time you know the talent involved are also human beings and we have, I have a lot of friends still in WWE so, it’s nice to be able to, in an appropriate way to pay homage to a friend that [sic] has had such an amazing career. Don’t get me wrong, we still wanna kick their a** in ratings… I wouldn’t expect anything less from them.”

This is not the first time WWE and AEW worked together as well. Tony Khan also wanted to be a good Samaritan by allowing the AEW talent to appear on WWE television.

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