Logan Paul is one of the biggest stars in the world of sports entertainment. It’s only natural for him to sign with one of the biggest sports entertainment companies, which is WWE. As per a new report, it seems WWE has already made plans for where the celebrity boxer will have his debut.

PW Insider reports that local advertising in Tampa, Florida for the July 18th edition of Monday Night RAW features the star. Logan Paul is already advertised for the July 25th episode of Monday Night RAW. However, he might debut sooner than that.

The Maverick’s deal with WWE is believed to be for three years, according to which the star will perform in huge shows. WWE’s go-home episode of RAW for SummerSlam will be at Madison Square Garden, where Paul will debut.

Logan Paul announced around the time of inking his deal that he wants to go toe-to-toe with The Miz. While that match may be quite far, in developments of his own, The Miz has made an alliance with former NXT superstar Ciampa.


Paul and The Miz started their beef back at WrestleMania 38. While they were in the middle of a heated tag match, Miz delivered a Skull-Crushing Finale on Paul. He left the ring before Paul could do anything, thereby leaving things unfinished.

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Nitish Vashishtha

Nitish Vashishtha is a freelance writer/contributor from India. He’s written content for companies like ScoopWhoop and Sportskeeda. He’s been writing about pop-culture, current affairs and pro-wrestling since 2017.

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