Mace is currently playing the role of ma.çé on WWE SmackDown. The Superstar is going through a total revamping as he is a member of Maximum Male Models alongside Mansoor, now known as, mån.sôör.

T-Bar and Mace split up last year, after which Mace’s identity was quite unclear. His booking wasn’t remarkable, either. While T-Bar made his way to RAW, Mace made his way to SmackDown.

Mace took to Twitter in order to flex his extremely luxurious fashion. He revealed that the Alexander McQueen sneakers that he was so confidently flaunting are worth $4,000. That is some impressive fashion to rock.

your fave could never. unless your fave is me. in which case, he could. but you’re still ugly.


the $4000 alexander mcqueens.

Max Dupri is currently managing both ‘ma.çé‘ and ‘mån.sôör̃‘. They put on quite a show, but it is still very early on in the stable’s life. What’s more noticeable is that Mace’s outfit, along with Mansoor, are worth thousands of dollars. While it’s unsure what in-ring direction they’re going to take, it seems they know how to dress.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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