Adam Cole is the definition of style on the AEW roster. The star was Shawn Michaels’ initial choice, as he wanted to completely train him. However, Cole jumped ship to AEW. Fans are currently worried about him as, according to reports, he may have suffered serious concussion. Adam Cole then revealed that he was alright after the Forbidden Door event.

Cole has had a prolific career as a pro-wrestler. He faced many big faces in WWE, such as Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens & even Daniel Bryan while he was signed to WWE. However, the star wants bigger stars to compete with.

Adam Cole recently spoke with Kurt Angle on The Kurt Angle Show, and talked about who would his opponent in the dream match. The star wanted to take on Shawn Michaels when he was in WWE, but now he wants to take on CM Punk.

Shawn Michaels would be my number one pick. To be able to have the chance to get to wrestle him would be so cool and so surreal, because, again, I’ve studied him so much. I’ve watched him so much and I know him personally, and he’s a wonderful, wonderful person. So yeah, get to be in there with Shawn would be great.


Cole pointed out that Punk is currently injured, but he’d be the one that Cole wants to fight in a ring with. He revealed that Punk was the reason for him getting into Ring of Honor as a fan. Cole said that Punk’s matches were spectacular, and his promos motivated Cole to work on himself.

I know he’s out injured right now, but CM Punk would be the guy that I’d want to step in there with because, again, CM Punk was the guy who got me into Ring of Honor as a fan. I remember seeing his matches and thinking they were they were really good. Then, watching his promos and being like, ‘Whoa,’ this is a like — His promos made me, from a young age, go, ‘I have to make sure that I get good at talking.’ Because he was so so great at it. I thought it was never going to happen. I’m like, ‘Okay, yep, he’s done, he retired. I’m never gonna get the chance to wrestle him,’ and now, it’s a very real possibility. So getting to go in there with CM Punk in AEW would be really cool.

Adam Cole also revealed a story about how WWE confused him with Austin Creed early on in his career. Fellow pro-wrestler and WWE phenomenon Rhea Ripley reportedly also suffered an injury. There has been an unholy trend of injuries in the world of professional wrestling, and we hope it ends soon.

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