Jon Moxley walked out of Forbidden Door as the new interim AEW World Champion. A brawl to promote Wednesday night’s Blood & Guts battle on Dynamite broke out after Mox defeated the great Hiroshi Tanahashi to win the title. Contrary to previous claims, it looks like Moxley did not suffer a concussion.

Bryan Alvarez recently discussed Jon Moxley’s bloodbath match on Wrestling Observer Live. He revealed that Moxley is doing fine as he did not suffer a concussion. Bryan noted that it’s part of Moxley’s character when he claims to have concussion and excessive blood loss after a bloody match.

During the Observer Radio show, Dave mentioned that during the post show press conference, and I don’t know if it’s during the press conference or jibber jabber after the press conference cause those things happen but he mentioned that Moxley had stated that he might have a concussion. What I was told that Moxley does not have a concussion. And if you’ve ever watched a Moxley interview and I think he did this exact same interview after the Filthy Tom match, whenever he has a bloody match, he goes, ‘You know I may have blood loss, I might be concussed.’ It’s part of his in-character schtick. So anyway he does not have a concussion. So Jon Moxley is fine.

Tony Khan doesn’t need one of the primary performers in a hallmark event to be out with so many AEW stars already on the injury list. He mentioned that Jon Moxley may have sustained a head injury just days before his double ring, double cage match.


Luckily, Jon Moxley was only selling his bout with Hiroshi Tanahashi. One of the most anticipated televised matches of the year would have been severely hampered if he was actually concussed. We will have to wait and see what’s next in store for Moxley.

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Transcription by Ringside News.

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