Britt Baker has been with AEW since their 2019 debut. She’s a one-time AEW Women’s World Champion & a determined athlete who fans & wrestlers admire. Britt Baker works as a dentist outside the ring, juggling two jobs to make an honest living. However, a fan took to twitter to be unruly to the 31-year-old.

Earlier today, a fan with the Twitter profile @LilPotatoOfJoy made an insensitive comment about Baker’s dentistry career. The tweet said how Britt Baker is self-centered & greedy for not sticking to her dentist position. He opines that many women work for years to gain entry into the medical field.

“My wife just thinks she is self-centered and greedy for not sticking to her medical job when other women have busted their ass for years.”

Later on, Britt Baker responded by posting a screenshot of the tweet. Baker fired back to say, “tough guy with concerned wife deleted his tweet.” Baker’s remarks were her way to mock the fan’s cowardice. Eventually, the fan would delete his entire account due to the mass scrutiny he received.


The professional life of Britt Baker is one fans should admire. She’s currently a dentist at a private practice in Winter Park, Florida. Along with that, Baker is a AEW wrestler, portraying a fictionalized character on Dynamite & Rampage to millions of viewers. As former AEW Women’s World Champion & the inaugural Owen Hart Foundation winner. Let’s see what’s in stored for Britt Baker in the long run.

What’s your take on this story? Sound off in the comments below?

What’s your take on this story? Sound off in the comments!

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