Jim Ross has had very long battle with cancer. The AEW commentator and voice was going through a radiation treatment cycle that was definitely tough for him to deal with. However, it was worth it as he is fully cancer free, though there’s a curious development.

Ross’ announcement of being free of cancer came last December. He even updated his fans recently that his recovery from the radiation burns from chemo is also going fine. His doctor told him that the recovery might take up to a year to get back into health.

Jim took to hisGrilling JR” podcast to give his fans another update on his health. He told his fans that he got a lesion on his ankle, which is scary considering he had skin cancer.

Ross’ oncologist confirmed that the lesion is not cancerous, which is relieving news. However, it’s a wound that isn’t healing, for which his oncologist referred him to a “wound specialist.” While it’s not a commonly heard specialization in medical doctors, Ross’ wound needs special care.


I had skin cancer. I got a lesion on my ankle the size of an orange. It’s ugly and grotesque. I got a text today from my oncologist. The good news is I don’t have skin cancer any longer, but the wound has not healed and it’s terribly painful. I’m going back to see my doctor. He’s got me on some strong antibiotics. I’m taking three of them a day which is strong for me. He’s going to turn me over to a wound specialist, which I’ve never even heard of. So I’m going to a wound specialist to see if I can get some relief from this bad thing and expedite the healing process.

The veteran commentator is doing everything he can to take care of the wound. While it does present a compelling problem, getting a better consult and treatment would definitely prove helpful. We hope he gets a speedy recovery.

[h/t to WrestlingNews.co for the transcriptions]

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