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Tonight’s episode of RAW will feature one particularly interesting segment: the return of Elias. Last week Ezekiel promised his brother Elias would return for a concert tonight. Kevin Owens will surely be on hand to scream at both Elias and Ezekiel when he comes to realise what we all already know: that they aren’t the same person.

As for in-ring action, we’re set for more Money In The Bank qualifying matches tonight, as Becky Lynch faces Asuka. That’s all the concrete details we have, but we’re said to be getting another episode of Miz TV, as well as more of Theory in baby-oil. Of course we can also expect the likes of Bobby Lashley, Alexa Bliss, MVP and Omos, Veer Mahan, and The Judgement Day to appear.


That’s the preview for tonight’s RAW. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!


Monday Night RAW opens with an “In Memoriam” graphic for the passing of iconic referee, Tim White.

The RAW Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair, makes her way to the ring. Belair welcomes the crowd to RAW and says she looks forward to every opportunity she gets to defend her title, so naturally she’s excited to do so at Money In The Bank against Rhea Ripley. However Ripley will not be medically cleared to compete at Money In The Bank and their match isn’t happening… yet.

Belair says that, when Rhea is cleared to compete, she will be waiting. Until then, who will she be facing at Money In The Bank? Tonight they’re having a Fatal 5-Way to determine the number one contender: Alexa Bliss Vs. Liv Morgan Vs. Carmella Vs. Asuka Vs. Becky Lynch. Lynch comes out and interrupts Belair. She says she is the real number one contender because she never got a rematch after WrestleMania.

Lynch continues that, at Hell In A Cell, she had the match won but Belair stole it from her. She has been mistreated and made to jump through hoops but it’s fine because, after she wins tonight, it will make taking her title back that much sweeter. Asuka comes out and pretends to cry, mocking Becky. Lynch starts to bite back but out comes Liv Morgan.

Morgan says Becky shouldn’t just be worrying about Asuka, because she’s already for a fight. In fact, she’s in a great mood because she’s already in the Money In The Bank match. Something Lynch hasn’t done yet. But Liv will glady trade that spot in for a one-on-one match with Belair. Carmella is next out and she says something doesn’t make sense; she doesn’t understand why Liv is in this match at all, she’s never been a Champion.

Carmella suggest they kick Liv out and have a Fatal 4-Way. Morgan says she’s been here and if Carmella keeps talking to her like that she’ll give her some more weeks off. Carmella says Liv is only here because she rodeLiv’s coattails. Bliss is the last person out and she says Carmella is rich, seeing as she’s never once been successful on her own. Belair tells them all to shut up and get things underway.

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Championship Contender’s Match

Fatal 5-Way

Becky Lynch Vs. Asuka Vs. Liv Morgan Vs. Carmella Vs. Alexa Bliss

As soon as the match starts, Becky tackles Asuka and they fight out of the ring. Bliss and Morgan double-team Carmella and send her out of the ring, then high-five before locking-up. They go back-and-forth with reversals and pin attempts to no avail. They hit each other at the same time and both go down, then Carmella rushes in and tries to pin both.

Asuka returns and lands a few strikes on Carmella but Becky then drags her out of the ring. Alexa comes in knocks Carmella out, then Lynch drops her with strikes. Becky goes up top and wants a leg drop but Alexa avoids it and looks for Sister Abifail but Lynch breaks free. Bliss hits Becky with a headscissors and she rolls from the ring.

Carmella comes back and hits Bliss, then yells at her before slamming her head into the mat. Alexa wants a scoop slam but Carmella slides down the back and yanks her down via her hair. Morgan returns and slingshots Carmella into the buckles. Liv goes up top but Carmella shoves her off and she lands on Asuka and Morgan on the floor!

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Alexa avoids a splash from Lynch in the corner. Becky shrugs off some punches and hits a Bexploder. Liv comes in and drops Becky with a knee, then hits a running knee in the corner. Morgan goes up top and hits a missile dropkick, then kips-up and catches Becky with a slingblade for a near-fall.

Becky avoids Morgan and pins her using the ropes for leverage but Liv kicks out. Carmella returns and hits Becky with a hurricanrana from the top rope and she lands flush on Liv. Asuka back in but Carmella drops her with a series of kicks. Asuka jumps on Carmella and takes her down with the Asuka Lock but Bliss breaks it up.

Becky tosses Asuka from the ring and grabs Asuka but Morgan hits a missile dropkick to Asuka. Becky throws liv from the ring and Asuka rolls her up for a near-fall. Becky hits Asuka with the Manhandle Slam but Bliss comes off the top with Twisted Bliss to both and covers but Morgan and Carmella break it up.

All five women are down and the fans chant “this is awesome”. They get up and Becky clears most of the ring. Liv hits her against the ropes and attempts Oblivion but Becky holds the ropes. Lynch hits the Manhandle Slam but Asuka drag her out of the ring and drops her with a head kick. Bliss looks for Twisted Bliss on Liv but Morgan gets the knees up. Carmella then superkicks Liv and gets the pinfall!

Winner: Carmella

*Commercial Break*

Becky Lynch is backstage arguing with Adam Pearce and saying she needs to be at Money In The Bank. Pearce says Becky can still qualify if she can beat Asuka, as was originally planned. Lynch says that’s fine because she has a lot of pent-up aggression towards Asuka. Pearce says that’s great, the match can happen tonight.

Out of the blue, Mr. McMahon’s music hits and he comes out to a big pop from the crowd! McMahon says tonight is the 1517th episode of RAW, which continues to make it the longest running episodic TV show in history. RAW has been on the air for almost thirty years, and twenty of those have been dominated by one man. A man who will make his return to WWE next week, John Cena. And that’s all he says.

We see a replay of Riddle Vs. Roman Reigns from Friday Night SmackDown. Reigns won the match but was confronted by the returning Brock Lesnar after the fact. Riddle makes his way to the ring.

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Riddle says his best friend Randy Orton may have had his career ended a few weeks ago. He made a promise that he would get vengeance for both of them, and he came super close. He went toe-to-toe with the tribal chief and even hit a sick RKO. But at the end of the day, Roman hit him with a spear that almost broke him in half.

Riddle says he let the fans down but, even more so, he let his best friend down. He might be down but he’s not out. He can’t challenge Roman for the Undisputed Universal Championship but he can win Money In The Bank and cash-in on him. Riddle says there are a lot of tough opponents in the match, including Seth Rollins. He did Cody Rhodes dirty, and he wants to hit Rollins with a ladder for revenge.

MVP and Omos come out. MVP says Riddle must be hanging out with Snoop Dog, or maybe Wiz Khalifa, because those are the only guys he knows with stashes good enough that could have Riddle this delusional. Not to worry though, because Riddle will get high tonight… when Omos lifts him up, then throws him back down. Riddle says he’ll get high when his hand is raised and qualifies for Money In The Bank.

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Money In The Bank Qualifying Match

Riddle Vs. Omos W/MVP

The bell rings and Riddle rushes Omos. He gets shoved away but Riddle backs him into the corner and delivers a series of kicks to the chest. Omos catches Riddle with a sidewalk slam, further damagaing his bandaged ribs. Omos connects with a back elbow in the corner, then whips him hard into the opposite buckles.

Omos stands on Riddle’s stomach. Riddle rallies and jumps at Omos but gets caught in a bear hug. Riddle claps Omos’s head to get away but Omos clubs him in the back and reapplies the hold. We see Seth Rollins watching on a monitor backstage. Omos looks for a chokeslam but Riddle connects with a knee!

Riddle connects with running forearms in the corner, but Omos blocks a third and throws him across the ring. Omos runs into a boot, then Riddle goes up top and hits a floating bro but Omos doesn’t go down. Riddle wants the RKO but Omos catches him in mid-air and hits the choke bomb for the win!

Winner: Omos

Omos has qualified for the Money In The Bank ladder match. After the match he hits Riddle with another choke bomb. MVP and Omos leave, but out comes Seth Rollins. Rollins throws Riddle out of the ring, then gets a microphone.

The fans boo and Rollins says he doesn’t share the ring with losers. Rollins says Riddle is the ultimate loser, he’s lost his best friend, he lost the title match on Friday, and he’s lost his spot in Money In The Bank. But it hardly matters, because Riddle was never going to win the briefcase. Rollins says the whole world knows he is the only man capable of dethroning Roman Reigns.

Seth says that, since the Royal Rumble, Roman has been ducking him because he knows it. So at Money In The Bank he’s going to win the briefcase and cash-in and take the title from him. And if you think his first cash-in was impressive, just wait and see. Riddle attacks Rollins from behind but Seth kicks his ribs and hits a Stomp.

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The United States Champion, Theory, comes to the ring and we see a replay of the pose-off on last week’s RAW. Theory is standing on a podium in the ring. He syas everyone wants to know what it’s like to be a prodigy and the new face of WWE. The fans boo and he says he expects that because he knows nobody can relate to him.

Theory says last week he stood in the ring and proved Bobby Lashley can’t compare to him. Nobody can touch him. The fans boo and he mocks them. Theory that next week is the 20 year John Cena celebration but his time is up, and Theory’s time is now. He embarassed Lashley last week but he didn’t get to show the fans all of his poses.

So Theory starts oiling his body with a spotlight, then he poses and narrates it himself. The fans start cheering because Lashley comes in behind him and Theory thinks they’re loving him. Theory lifts the U.S Championship and takes a selfie but notices Lashley behind him and slowly turns around. Lashley sprays baby oil in his face, then spears him off the podium!

Theory rolls out of the ring and Lashley lifts the United States Championship. Lashley says he’s only going to say this once: the United States Championship is going to be his soon. Theory is irate at ringside and Lashley poses with the belt as the fans chant his name.

*Commercial Break*

Theory is interviewed backstage. He says Bobby Lashley doesn’t deserve a shot for the United States Championship. However, he went to Adam Pearce and suggested an idea. If Bobby Lashley wants an opportunity for the U.S Championship at Money In The Bank, he’ll have to defeat three opponents in a gauntlet match tonight!

The Undisputed Tag Team Champions, The Uso’s, come to the ring. Jey says everyone knows who they are. Jimmy says they all hold all the gold and they’re running Monday’s and Friday’s. Jey says Roman Reigns smashed Riddle, and he’s going to smash Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. And they’re going to smash the Street Profits again at Money In The Bank because “they’re the two’s and we’re the one’s.”

Jey Uso W/Jimmy Uso Vs. Angelo Dawkins W/Montez Ford

The match gets underway and Dawkins beats Jey back into the corner and hits a spinning splash. Dawkins slams Jey and he rolls to the apron. Jey pulls the rope down and sends Dawkins to the floor. Jey whips Angelo into the barricade, then clotheslines him over it into the timekeeper’s area. Jimmy and Jey pose together.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and they’re trading uppercuts. Dawkins beats Jey into the corner, then drops him with a series of clotheslines. Uso fights back with an uppercut, then Angelo leaps over and hits a spinning back elbow. Dawkins hits an exploder suplex. Dawkins wants a splash in the corner but Jey avoids it, then hits a pop-up neckbreaker for a near-fall.

Jey runs at Dawkins but gets dropped. Dawkins hits a spinning underhook neckbreaker for a near-fall. Dawkins sends Jey to the ropes but gets kicked back. Dawkins hits an uppercut but Uso connects with a superkick. Jey goes to the top rope and jumps but Dawkins catches him wth a spinebuster for the win!

Winner: Jey Uso

Elias is sitting backstage playing his guitar. Ezekiel walks in and sits down opposite him on a couch. Elias says he’s been gone for a minute, doing a lot of things, but nothing beats playing for the WWE Universe. Ezekiel says that’s a surprise because he remembers him saying a lot of bad things about places like Nebraska. Elias says he needs to remember that WWE stands for Walk With Elias. He says he’s very proud of his little brother but he needs to tune his guitar before the concert.

*Commercial Break*

Elias is in the ring and he introduces himself. He says it feels great to be back and thanks the fans for taking care of his little brother. He wants to remind them of a universal truth, which is that WWE stands for Walk With Elias. He says in light of everything that’s going on, he wants to start with a song dedicated to his little brother.

Kevin Owens comes out and says he’s putting an end to this charade. Nobody wants this concert. Owens says Elias is a disgusting liar with no integrity. He may have the intelligent people of Nebrasksa fooled, but he’s Canadian and he’s as smart as it gets. He says that video didn’t fool him, it was movie magic. He saw a dinosaur fly a helicopter last week, anything can happen.

Ezekiel appears on the big screen and he says maybe now Owens can get it. They’re in two different places at once, so he needs to move on. Elias says he wants to sing Owens a little song. Elias gets the fans singing “KO is a liar” and Owens gets angry and takes his guitar and throws it. Elias drops Owens with a knee, then lifts the guitar and smashes it over his back!

Kevin Owens stumbles backstage. Kevin Patrick asks Owens if he’s finally convinved that Elias and Ezekiel are the same person. Owens says of course not, that video was probably pre-recorded and Elias has a fake beard glued on. Owens is challenging him to a match next week and he doesn’t care if it’s Elias, Ezekiel or their yunger brother Elron. Ezekiel walks up and says he accepts. Owens looks shocked and starts pulling his hair.

*Commercial Break*

Gauntlet Match

Bobby Lashley Vs. Chad Gable W/Otis

The match gets underway and Lashley takes Gable down with a wristlock. Lashley grabs the waist and slams Gable down. Chad uses his wrestling ability to get free and chops the chest, then tells Lashley to shoosh! Lashley then hits a single leg takedown, outwrestles him, then hits a European uppercut.

Lashley tells Gable to shoosh, then sends him out of the ring into the announce desk. Lashley goes out and whips Gable into the barricade, then gets him up on his shoulders and runs him head-first into the ring post! Lashley gets Gable on the apron and lifts him for a one-arm, stalling vertical suplex.

Lashley wants a spear but Gable catches him with a drop toe hold into an ankle lock. Gable wrenches on the ankle but Lashley eventually turns around and kicks him off. Gable jumps over Lashley, drops him, then goes up top and lands a moonsault for a two-count. Lashley then counters a roll-up and applies The Hurt Lock for the submission.

Chad Gable Has Been Eliminated

After the bell, Otis rushes in and attacks Lashley from behind before his portion of the gauntlet can begin.

Bobby Lashley Vs. Otis W/Chad Gable

Otis continues assaulting Lashley at the beginning of the match. He takes the All Mighty out of the ring and runs him into the ring post and the barricade. Otis breaks the referee’s count – even though he had Lashley beat – and hits a running splash on the floor. Gable yells “a thank you!” as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Otis is still in control of Lashley when we return and keeping him grounded. Lashley tries to lift Otis to no avail, then Otis rolls under a clothesline and hits one of his own for a two-count. Otis hits an elbow drop and taunts the fans. Otis drags Lashley to the corner and looks for a Vader Bomb but Bobby rolls out of the way.

Otis rolls under another clothesline and this time Lashley catches him with a reverse STO. Lashley grabs Otis from behind and wants The Hurt Lock but Otis fights it and elbows him, then runs himbackwards into the corner and keeps elbowing. Otis gets free and hits the ropes but Lashley catches him with a spear and covers. Gable runs in and attacks Lashley, causing the DQ.

Otis Has Been Eliminated

After the bell, Gable keeps pummelling Lashley. Otis lifts him up and runs him into the buckles. Otis suplexes Lashley and Gable attacks some more until Lashley’s final opponent comes out.

Bobby Lashley Vs. Theory

Theory comes down and lands a series of mounted punches on Lashley. Theory beats Lashley into the corner, then runs at him but Lashley knocks him back. Lashley lifts him up for a Dominator but Theory slides off the shoulders onto the apron. Theory hits a rolling dropkick, then lifts Lashley up for the ATL, only for Lashley to counter with a pin for the win!

Winner: Bobby Lashley

We see a replay of the Fatal 5-Way that opened the show. Bianca Belair is interviewed backstage and she says she won’t underestimate Carmella. She’s a great competitor and she proved tonight that she deserves her spot at Money In The Bank. But she’ll be ready because she’s the quickest, the toughest, the… Carmella attacks Belair from behind. Carmella says “always ready huh?” She tells Bianca to watch her back because Mella Is Money.

*Commercial Break*

The Miz is in the ring for another edition of Miz TV. He says he wants to get to the bottom of what’s bee going on with his guest, so please welcome AJ Styles.

The Miz says AJ’s been having issues since before WrestleMania, when Edge attacked him. The numbers game kept getting the better of him, so AJ went out and recruited Finn Balor, and then he joined The Judgement Day. Last week he got beat by Seth Rollins and isn’t qualified for the Money In The Bank match this year. And earlier tonight his former partner, Omos, did. Mis is embarassed for him.

Styles asks if Miz brought him out here just to get a rise out of him. Miz says no, he brought AJ out here so the fans could see what it is to be a failure. Styles says Miz is naive because this is cornhusker country. Speaking of embarassed, Maryse must be embarassed of Miz’s popcorn balls. Miz says this isn’t becoming a thing, AJ says it is.

Styles gets the fans chanting “popcorn balls”. Miz scremas that he has the most massive, “python-size” balls. Miz says he’s the most decorated WWE Superstar there is, he beat John Cena in the main event of WrestleMania, he has a beautiful wife and a perfect family, and you can see them in a new episode of Miz and Mrs later tonight. So he’s not a failure like AJ.

Style says he knows things haven’t been going his way but he’s gone through ruts before, that’s how he became phenomenal. But when he’s having a bad time, he does’t run his mouth on a talk show, he does this: AJ clocks Miz with the microphone. Suddenly Tommaso Ciampa attacks Styles, knocking him out of the ring.

*Commercial Break*

AJ Styles Vs. Tommaso Ciampa W/The Miz

Styles attacks Ciampa, beating him into the corner, then dropping him with a lariat. Styles lands a backbreaker for a one-count. Ciampa suckers Styles onto the apron where he connects with a knee to the jaw. Ciampa gets Styles back in the ring and applies a submission. Styles fights free and lands some shots, followed by Ushigoroshi for a near-fall.

Ciampa fires back with a right hand and wants the Fairytail Ending but Styles picks him up and slams him. Both men climb to their feet and AJ runs at Ciampa but gets sent over the ropes to the apron. Styles knocks Ciampa back with a right hand, then connects with the Phenomenal Forearm for the pin and the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

After the match The Miz rushes in and tries to attack AJ but he ducks and hits the Pele kick. AJ hits the Styles Clash and leaves Miz lying.

Veer Mahan is interviewed in the arena. Kevin Patrick says some people are saying what Veer has been doing to Rey and Dominik is sick. Mahan says “only some?”, that’s a shame. He loves carnage and the WWE Universe has never seen anything like him before. Veer speaks in Indian and the fans chant “what?”. He says he will not be stopped until there is nothing left. “Fear Veer”.

*Commercial Break*

Big Time Becky Lynch is in the ring for her Money In The Bank qualifying match. Asuka comes out but Becky attacks her on the ramp! They brawl down into the ring and the match finally begins.

Money In The Bank Qualfying Match

Asuka Vs. Becky Lynch

Asuka locks in an armbar right away but Becky fights free and tries to apply the Dis-Arm-Her to no avail. Asuka avoids Becky, then drops her with a shoulder tackle. Lynch knocks Asuka out of the ring, then hits her with a baseball slide. Becky goes out and slams Asuka into the apron. Lynch puts Asuka back in the ring but gets hit with a hip attack as she gets on the apron herself.

Lynch slams Asuka into the apron again and puts her in the ring. Becky goes to the top rope but wastes time and Asuka is able to climb up and hit her. Asua wants a superplex but Becky fights her off and jumps but nobody’s home. Asuka hits a Codebreaker for a near-fall. Asuka lands some kicks to the chest but Lynch fires back with right hands. Asuka avoids Becky and goes to the top rope but Becky knocks her off with a right hand.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Asuka takes Becky down with a sliding knee. They both trade punches and Asuka lands a flurry of slaps. Asuka with an inside cradel for a near-fall, then a kick to the gut. Becky misses a clothesline and gets caught with one by the Empress. Asuka lands a few spinning backfists, and a spinning heel kick to the face, followed by a release German suplex.

Asuka connects with a hip attack for a near-fall. Asuka wants the Asuka Lock but Becky fights it, so she applies an ankle lock instead. Lynch rolls through, sending Asuka face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Becky hangs Asuka on the middle rope and wants a leg drop but Asuka avoids it. Asuka applies the Asuka Lock through the ropes until the count of four.

Asuka hits a missile dropkick and Becky rolls out of the ring. Lynch gets on the apron and swings a kick but Asuka avoids it, then grabs her for a powerbomb but Lynch kicks her. Lynch hits a leg drop to Asuka on the apron. Becky jumps off the apron but Asuka catches her with a knee in mid-air. Both women are down at ringside.

Both just make it back into the ring at the count of nine. Becky applies the Asuka Lock on Asuka! The Empress escapes her own move but Becky then rolls her up but she kicks out at the last second. Lynch looks for the Dis-Arm-Her but Asuka fights her off, then connects with a kick to the head and scores the pinfall to qualify for the Money In The Bank.

Winner: Asuka

After the match Asuka celebrates, meanwhile Lynch loses it at ringside. Becky rips the lid off the announce desk and stares up longingly at the briefcases. Lynch slumps down and holds her head as the show goes off the air.

That’s it for this week’s RAW, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for NXT. Until next time, stay safe.

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