WWE’s Board of Directors has found themselves caught between a rock and a hard place. Vince McMahon is under investigation for allegedly paying hush money to WWE employee after the two had an affair. The board is powerless to fire Vince due to his majority ownership in voting shares of the company. Outside pressure will be a major factor in how things play out.

Vince McMahon plans on conducting business as usual this week. That may work out for him, as long as there are no additional accusations. As we have seen with Deshaun Watson, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and other high-profile sex scandals, things can change once the story gets hot in the media. As more people are exposed to the news, the chances increase that more potential victims may step forward.

Dave Meltzer discussed the possibility on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. While McMahon’s situation has not yet reached that level, it is very possible that more allegations could be coming. It happens frequently when a similar story breaks.

“This is also not a Harvey Weinstein, although it could end up being, but it’s not because, you know, Harvey Weinstein, who was one of the biggest names who got done in by this, the idea was is that he used his power to end careers and things like that, which, there’s, you know, again, if it comes out that there’s people who have had career changes or something like this, that’s an issue.


Another issue is… When this stuff happens, if there’s a lot of instances, there could be other people coming out publicly on this. You know, that’s what happens. The media starts investigating, although they may not because it is wrestling.”

If more people do come forward with accusations, the pressure will be on Vince McMahon to react. The board is investigating the matter, but their hands are tied. McMahon and WWE corporate are now involved in a very serious situation that may only get worse as the story gains traction.

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Michael Perry

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