Vince McMahon is currently under investigation for allegedly paying hush money to a WWE paralegal with whom he had an affair. The scandal has been covered by the mainstream press in droves. Many are speculating that it could be the end of McMahon’s career.

While WWE’s Board of Directors does not have the power to fire Vince McMahon via a vote, there could be major outside pressure to force his resignation. McMahon’s current plan is to go on with business as usual. That could change in a heartbeat depending on how WWE’s stock does and how the public reacts to the scandal.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed what might happen to Vince McMahon. Meltzer noted that he talked to several people in the business community. They do not doubt that McMahon would be through in just about any industry.

“I have talked to a lot of people who, out from this area, you know, in big business, and they looked at this and said, ‘He’s done,’ because you would be done for a lot less and there are people who are in charge of much bigger companies here who had much less than this and they were done.”


Pro wrestling is very different from most other industries. Vince McMahon has survived some terrible scandals over the years. The company is financially sound, with billions of dollars in revenue locked in for years due to streaming and broadcast rights deals.

If Vince McMahon were involved in any other industry, he may already be gone. In the strange world of wrestling, anything can happen. It will be interesting to see how WWE reads and reacts to public and shareholder sentiment going forward.

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Michael Perry

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