Vince McMahon landed WWE in the middle of another controversy. This time $3 million in hush money is a part of the situation and a relationship with a paralegal is in the midst of it all.

Sean Sapp reported behind Fightful’s paywall that Johnny Ace is expected to lose his job over this. His resignation is expected as result of everything that’s going down. The internet chimed in with full force to share the sentiment that Vince McMahon always has a fall guy.

It was also reported that sourced indicated that the relationship between Vince McMahon and the paralegal was “suspected by many within the company.” She also received a nice promotion while many others lost their jobs in WWE.

Sources that we’ve spoken to even indicated that the relationship between Vince McMahon and the paralegal was “suspected” by many in the company, and indicated that she was given a substantial promotion around the time of the April 2021 WWE cuts. We’re told specifically she was promoted from John Laurinaitis assistant to a “director” role that spring.


Nia Jax tweeted out on April 30th to slam the company. Her tweet mentioned blackmail straight-up.

“It’s a shame, some people deserve to get the opportunity to shine like the star they really are, but unfortunately certain higher ups can never see past their own perverted ways. Too bad, there aren’t the lucky ones who can use blackmail to keep their jobs. *random tweet*”

It was further reported that, “There was no mention of this from WWE reps or higher ups, and Jax was dismissed as ‘bitter’ on background. This would have been after the investigation was underway.”

We will continue monitoring this ongoing story here at Ringside News. Obviously, there will be a lot more to unpack when everything is said and done.

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H Jenkins

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