Former WWE star Nia Jax isn’t happy about how things are run behind the scenes in the wrestling industry. People in a position of power are not strangers to the abuse that takes place under their noses, sometimes higher-ups themselves perpetuate it. Jax spoke about it recently right after another mass firing in NXT.

Lina Fanene took to Twitter to speak out against people in wrestling who abuse their power. While she didn’t namedrop WWE or any other promotion but implied that higher-ups have their way with perversion. She also implied that some people might keep their jobs thanks to blackmail.

“It’s a shame, some people deserve to get the opportunity to shine like the star they really are, but unfortunately certain higher ups can never see past their own perverted ways. Too bad, there aren’t the lucky ones who can use blackmail to keep their jobs. *random tweet*”

Jax called her tweet to be just a “random” but we all know what she is referring to. People end up falling victim to such abuse for fear of losing their job. Jax did mention that those who are smart enough use blackmail to “keep their job,” but others aren’t so lucky. We have to wonder who she’s talking about.


Jax was released from WWE in November of last year and has since been very local about the company’s management. She has even called everyone in the promotion to be “miserable.” It’s pretty clear how Jax feels about her former company which means we are never seeing her return to WWE.

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Bhupen Dange

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