WWE Chief Executive Vince McMahon received major blow earlier today when a report detailed that he’s currently under investigation by the WWE board of directors. While the whole scope of the investigation is still being fleshed out, WWE fans are already reacting to the report.

The report by The Wall Street Journal revealed that according to the preliminary findings, McMahon used his own money to make the claims go away. Additionally, he made the female ex-employees sign nondisclosure agreements to keep the claims secret.

Fans of WWE never shy away from skimming through every report that makes it to the news. With Vince McMahon’s investigation being a big deal, fans took to looking at it from many angles. While some consider the board inquiry work of Nick Khan, others are trying to fathom the massive PR nightmare Vince McMahon will undergo.

Twitter is buzzing with tweets about McMahon. One fan even speculated that the investigation might be one of the reasons why Stephanie McMahon stepped away from WWE without much resistance. The Twitter user also speculated the firing of John Lauranitis.


I genuinely wonder if this latest Vince McMahon bombshell is one of…it may not be the sole reason but one of the reasons why Stephanie McMahon so easily walked away. Maybe she knew a shit storm was coming? Lauranitis will be fired. There is always a fall man to Vince. He’s one

Another Twitter user posted a screenshot of an April 2022 tweet by Lina Fanene (Nia Jax) seemingly referring to Vince and other WWE higher-ups. The tweet talks about how many stars get the opportunity to become stars, but get overlooked because the executives are unable to see past “their own perverted ways.” Check out the reactions from fans down below.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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