Chris Jericho has never been one to shy away from confrontation. The AEW star has decades of experience in the wrestling industry. It’s hard to go that long without having some dust-ups, and Jericho recently did so with a major star from WWE.

AEW Dynamite was in Houston on May 18th. After the show, some wrestlers were hanging out at the hotel. Chris Jericho was chatting with Matt Hardy when MVP showed up. Things nearly got out of hand.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer discussed the conflict. A year and a half ago, Jericho and MVP had some sort of falling out. Things then became heated as other wrestlers realized Jericho and MVP weren’t joking around.

“After the 5/18 show in Houston, there was a confrontation in the hotel the wrestlers were staying at between Chris Jericho and MVP at about 1 a.m. after the Dynamite tapings. Something that I’m not clear of happened 18 months ago where they had a falling out. Jericho was talking to Matt Hardy and MVP showed up.


Most people didn’t know what was up and thought he was kidding around until it became clear he wasn’t kidding. Nothing bad happened even though it was a tense situation. Jericho did tell him that he doesn’t fight jobbers when he got in the elevator and MVP was screaming about it in the lobby.”

The reason for the confrontation isn’t known, but the two did have some bad blood in the past over Jericho’s politics. Chris Jericho calling MVP a jobber had to hurt. Fortunately, things didn’t come to blows.

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Michael Perry

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