Stephanie McMahon’s departure from WWE has generated a lot of controversy and speculation. McMahon initially said she left the company to spend more time with her family. Since then, several stories have been released that essentially buried the former WWE brand leader.

A report from Business Insider said that Vince McMahon himself was behind the company getting rid of Stephanie McMahon. Dave Meltzer has refuted that claim, and on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, he expressed his thoughts that WWE planted that and other negative stories about Stephanie McMahon. It was noted that this was not the way WWE typically treats employees in similar positions who move on.

“I know how to read these types of articles and this was definitely an article that they had planted and was an article burying her. It wasn’t the first place that they’ve gone to bury her and it’s just kind of weird to me because it’s like, if she’s gone, she’s gone and it’s well-known that she wasn’t coming back as chief branding officer or anything like that if and when she comes back. The idea was that she would come back in a different role and they were hiring people for her role, that was pretty much well known.

That could’ve been it and should’ve been it, but, apparently, something happened. She hasn’t said anything and she hasn’t hinted at anything and she hasn’t leaked anything that would, in theory, get them upset. So, I’m really surprised. You know, I mean they basically planted the idea that Vince fired her, you know, it was not what they had said. Which, by the way, isn’t true, I mean, she did leave on her own and that she was not good at her job. There are people who will tell you that and there are people who would tell you different. That wasn’t something that nobody ever heard before.


But, it was not usually like when someone leaves that you necessarily do that. The only thing the article really said was that they were upset because in company sponsorship they were way behind UFC.”

Stephanie McMahon’s hiatus from WWE was sure to stir things up among wrestling fans. It sounds like the company may be behind some of the negative stories going around. Time will tell if Stephanie can mend fences with the company she grew up in.

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