William Regal has seen a major resurgence in his career since forming the Blackpool Combat Club in AEW. The wrestling legend is one of the most highly-respected people in the industry. That doesn’t mean His Lordship hasn’t seen a little bit of trouble in his day.

There is a famous story from 1997 about William Regal being thrown off a plane. Regal was on a flight from Tokyo to Detroit for an episode of Monday Nitro. What happened next resulted in him being thrown off the flight.

Regal shared the story on this week’s episode of his “Gentleman Villain.” He said while the incident was embarrassing, he was far from the worst behaved person on the plane. Despite popular belief, the AEW star said he was not the reason the plane was landed.

“There’s an incident that happened on an airplane which has been blown out of proportion to what actually happened. I got on a plane in Tokyo, should have landed in Detroit, to do Nitro. I took some pills. I went to the toilet. The door was one of those old kinds of fashion planes with a concertina door. I stood there and my foot was stopping the door shutting. I hadn’t locked the door. A stewardess came behind me and said, ‘Excuse me, sir.’ I turned around and nothing funny or clever about it, I peed on the lady’s foot. They landed the plane and I woke up in a jail cell in Alaska. I wasn’t the only person on that plane. I wasn’t the reason that they landed that plane.


There was a paparazzi guy in the back who flipped out and started punching people. That was the reason they landed that and they just threw me off. I’m not going to incriminate anyone, but they threw a couple of other wrestlers off because they were doing things as well. They were like me. They won’t have any idea what they were doing. But I do know what they were doing because WCW investigated this and I found out what they were doing. They got away with it. I didn’t. Soon as this went to court, this lady said, ‘No, he wasn’t doing anything malicious. It was just a drunken incident.'”

The wild story has been going around for some time now. William Regal wanted to be clear that he was not the reason the plane landed early. While he was involved in an incident, he was far from the most misbehaved on board.

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