Bobby Lashley overcame the odds to defeat Omos and MVP in a handicap match at last night’s WWE Hell in Cell premium live event. The Almighty dispatched the Nigerian giant before slapping the Hurt Lock on MVP and getting the huge win. After the match, Lashley motioned that he was gunning for gold and even posed with a fan’s replica title belt after the match.

The referee screamed something at Bobby Lashley at the end of the bout. He then walked out to a fan to celebrate with a fan who had a replica belt. Even the announcers pointed out the move, causing many fans to believe Lashley could be taking over the injured Cody Rhodes’ top babyface spot.

Dave Meltzer discussed that possibility on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio. Bobby Lashley could be the one to fill in for couple of other top babyfaces who are dealing with injuries. That might even put him into a championship program with Roman Reigns.

“I thought of it, and I will check, I thought of it as that since Riddle is out of the Roman match that maybe Roman will go against Lashley… I figure, you know, maybe that’s it or maybe Orton’s hurt, whatever it is. We know Drew for Cardiff. Roman’s not going to not wrestle til Cardiff.


He is definitely wrestling at SummerSlam and I don’t know what the status is of Money in the Bank. The last time I asked about that, which was, I don’t know, a couple days ago, it was still not decided. I think that they probably could do deeper shows. Originally, Roman was on the July show. You know, was going to be with Riddle. It had changed. It may change back, but maybe that’s what the whole thing is. To give him an opponent. And why not, Lashley’s fine in that role and it’s not a match they’ve done to death and it’s something different. It’s not the ‘big match,’ but it’s big enough.”

With Cody Rhodes on the shelf with his gruesome pectoral injury, Raw needs a new top babyface. If Randy Orton is also injured, it makes sense for that person to be Bobby Lashley. We will have to wait and see if that’s how things play out, but it might be the best option given the current situation.

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Michael Perry

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